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User / Snuffy / Upper Beamer Falls, Grimsby, ON
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Excerpt from niagaragreenbelt.com:

Beamer Upper Falls is a ramp waterfall in the shape of a fan with water flowing from the Forty Mile Creek. Water cascades down hundreds of thin rock layers consistently. It is a perfect waterfall to visit at any time, with little micro falls occurring even during low flows due to the river being spread out. It can be viewed from above around the top of the gorge, or by following a trail to the base of the waterfall.

The Upper Beamer Falls is about 30 feet in height. It is 10 feet wide at the top, but it broadens to 65 feet at its bottom. The thin, bedded nature of the Rochester shale gives the waterfall unnumerable tiny steps.
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  • Taken: Sep 9, 2017
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