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User / Snuffy / Tsing Shan Monastery, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong 屯門青山禪院香海名山
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Excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Tsing Shan Monastery aka Castle Peak Monastery is situated at the foot of Castle Peak, near Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. The Monastery is graded as Grade I historic building.

According to legend, an Indian monk who liked travelling in a wooden cup was believed to have lodged where the Monastery now stands. Attracted by the natural wonders and the serene milieu, he built a chalet there for practicing meditation. Since then, the name of Reverend Pui To (杯渡禪師; "travelling in a cup") has become widespread. In memory of him, his followers built a pagoda at the place where he formerly resided. At the back of the pagoda was a statue of Reverend Pui To. The time of construction, however, cannot be ascertained. Some say the Pui To Pagoda was built in the Jin Dynasty and redeveloped in the Song Dynasty. Regular maintenance works has kept the historical relic's original appearance intact.

Adjoining to the Main Worship Hall is Ching Wan Koon, which is dedicated to Dou Lao, a goddess who is believed to be able to relieve people from their worries.

The Tsing Shan Temple is the eldest amongst the temples in Hong Kong. There is a main worship hall inside the temple and the writing "一切有情、同登覺地" (Everything on Earth Has Ties and Reaches Nirvana Together) could be seen in front of the stairs leading to the hall. The peaceful environment of this Buddhist Temple offers an abiding sense of harmony.
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