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User / Snuffy / Cessna Crane MK 1, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton, ON
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Excerpt from the plaque:

The Cessna Crane was introduced to British Commonwealth Air Training Plan airfields in January 1941 and supply continued until mid 1943. Cessna Cranes were used primarily to teach pilots to fly multi engine aircraft at various BCATP schools. Beside pilot training they were also employed in navigation training, communication and light transport roles. The Crane continued in RCAF service until 1947, when many were sold off for civilian use as light transports.

The CWH Cessna Crane (#7862) was delivered to the RCAF in August 1941 and flew with No. 4 (SFTS) Saskatoon and No. 11 (SFTS) Yorkton, Saskatchewan. In November 1945, it was sold by the War Assets Board to Canadian Aviation Industries, where it was overhauled and re-painted for resale. In 1976, CWH acquired the aircraft and an extensive restoration program commenced. The Crane flew again after its 10 year rebuilt in November 1986, displaying the colours and markings of its first assignment-No. 4 (SFTS) Saskatoon.
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