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User / Snuffy / Yongzuo Temple, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China 永祚寺(雙塔寺)
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Built on the 27th year of Mani during the Ming Dynasty (1599) to improve the fung shui for more success in the imperial examinations. The average height is 53 metres with 13 floors and octagonal in shape. One pagoda is called Wengengta Pagoda (文峰塔), and the other one is called Xuanwenta Pagoda (宣文塔). The Wenfengta (East Pagoda 文峰塔) was built in 1599, and the Xuanwenta Pagoda (West Pagoda宣文塔) was built in 1612 during the Ming Dynasty. They were constructed with posts and structure without cross-beam, and are the representative work making the brick to alternate the wood in the Ming Dynasty.
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