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User / The Molotov Line photographer / *Molotov Line, 66 Osowiec Fortified region, strongpoint Przyborowo, Poland*
Piotr Tymiński / 250 items
This small pillbox equipped with one Maxim heavy machine gun was built just 5 km from the old German-Soviet border.
Although the area is generally flat there, even the slightest variations in terrain elevation provided an excellent field of fire and such opportunities were exploited to the maximum by the builders. If you look at the right part of the photo, towards the distant treeline, it will give you a clue how far those little killers could see – and fire.
Neither this bunker, nor fourteen others in its neighborhood, took part in fighting in June 1941.

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  • Taken: Sep 5, 2009
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  • Updated: Nov 7, 2017