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User / carolina_sky / Space Lobster [explored]
Sky Matthews / 274 items
A photo from a short side trip to the Alabama Hills early in the year. I was nicely rewarded for a long drive from Vegas followed by an early morning excursion as the sun illuminated Mt Whitney and the Sierra Nevada rising over the crazy rock formations of the Alabama Hills. Though they look completely different, apparently these two features are part of the same geologic formation (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alabama_Hills).

The "Space Lobster" is my interpretation of the interesting cloud formation appearing on the right side of the image, with one cloud having a particularly ribbed underside and extending a long lobster claw to the right of the image. It was just the first thing that popped in to my head as I edited this on the bigger screen. Besides, Space Lobsters just seemed totally on-brand for 2020.

Shot as a 5 shot pano sequence with Pentax K-1 and Pentax 70-200mm using Pixel Shift. This post is only 1/4 size the original.

I've already written much about the pandemic and my feelings throughout the year so I won't belabor it more here other than to say that, like many, I'm growing weary of this and looking forward to getting back towards some version of normal, and especially getting out in to the field for some more photography later in 2021.

I'm fortunate to have a good backlog of stuff to go through for posting this year when I haven't been able to shoot as much. In fact, I was absolutely gobsmacked (to use my favorite Brit term) to receive a nod in Flickr's Best of 2020: blog.flickr.net/en/2020/12/15/flickrs-top-25-photos-in-2020/
Much appreciation to Flickr/SmugMug staff and to the Flickr community for that! Was feeling kinda down on my photography for a bit this summer, so that was a nice pick-me-up.

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season and looking forward as much as I am to flipping the clock on 2020 on New Years.
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  • Taken: Feb 21, 2020
  • Uploaded: Dec 27, 2020
  • Updated: Aug 21, 2021