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N 1.1K B 16.0K C 93 E Aug 5, 2022 F Aug 5, 2022
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In the depths of the forest, the little wizard discovers a darkness approaching. “I must warn the others!”

It's the last days of the wonder-full Wizarding Faire. It only comes by once a year, so make sure to stop by before it's too late!

Skippy envisioned his universe with the help of the following magical creations, which are all available at Mischief Managed’s Wizarding Faire 2022:

Static’s Deathly Horse Skeletons!

Express Train to Wizarding Faire 2022!

In addition, the little flyer created with the following:

PFC’s Torch!
DaD’s Skeleton!

Let's keep doing everything we can to create a world
founded on kindness and compassion.

Stay strong. Be courageous.
And keep looking out for one another!

Keep shining your light, my friends.

Tags:   boy child children childhood kid kids wizard wizarding magic flight forest darkness warning courage bravery determination friendship light love

N 1.3K B 29.6K C 174 E Mar 27, 2018 F Mar 27, 2018
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The little man explores...

Skippy created his universe with the help of the following amazing designs:

Serenity Style's The Lost Arrow Irish Pub!

BackBone's Luck O' The Irish Barrel!

Both of which you can find in
Deco(c)rate 's inspiring Days in Dublin Collection!

Taxi to Deco(c)rate!

The little prince was also inspired to build his universe with the following:

8f8's Green Grocers' Delivery Truck!

Anhelo's Street Lights!

Apple Fall's Whitehall Pathway!

Follow your heart, my friends. Choose kindness.
And remember, no one can take away your light.

So... Keep shinning so bright!

Tags:   boy child childhood kids children explore play city kindness smile

N 1.1K B 30.6K C 119 E Mar 9, 2018 F Mar 11, 2018
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The little man enjoys the moment...

Skippy envisioned his universe with the help of the following timeless creations:

Soy's Gas Burner, Kitchen, and Water Heater, which are all part of the Kitchen Goods Collection, available at The Men's Dept. (TMD)!

Maru Kado's Laundry Basket, which is part of the Perfect Day for Laundry Collection, available at TMD!

Soy's Grayish Day Building, Metal Pipe Dinette Chairs and Table, Exhaust Fan, and Fridge!

And the little prince wears:

::K::'s Front Slit Vest, available at TMD!

kunst's GMT Watch, available at TMD!

ZOOM's Classic Johnson Watch, available at TMD!

The Forge's Chrono Watch!

And for breakfast:

Pewpew!'s Cereal and Bowl!

Bellequipe's Hot Chocolate!

Skippy also was joined by his beloved friends:

Booger's Pander Bear, which is one of the many amazing new bears in the Forever In-Store Bear Collection!

BUENO's Foxy Pal, available at the Arcade!

And outside the window:

Little Branch's Hazel Nut Trees and Fluffy Grass!

School Bus to TMD!

Let's remember to stop and take the time to enjoy the magical moments within all our lives.

Keep shining bright, my friends!

Tags:   boy child childhood kid children moment time here now future past present friendship kindness light love

N 879 B 12.2K C 115 E Mar 11, 2023 F Mar 11, 2023
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The little adventurer welcomes Spring…

Skippy envisioned his universe with the help of the following brilliant creations:

8f8’s Sakura Brides, Blossoms’ Carpets, Furin Wind Chimes, and Chochin, which are all part of the for a moment... serenity collection!

8f8’s Stargazer, which is part of the Paint me Summer Collection!

8f8’s Ladder, which is part of the New Beginnings Collection!

Keep exploring!
Keep creating!
Keep shining bright, my friends!

Tags:   boy child children childhood kid kids Spring spirit sakura tree trees blossoms wind chimes Cochin ship river water adventure exploration sun sunshine hope nature ladder light love

N 1.2K B 46.6K C 214 E Dec 23, 2016 F Dec 23, 2016
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The little prince rushes down the steps on Christmas morning...

Happiest of Holidays, my friends!

I am truly grateful for all of you and hope we can continue to shine brighter than ever... together.

Your friendship and support is the greatest gift.

Skippy created this magical holiday scene with the help of the following wonder-full works of art:

8f8's Cottage, Grandfather's Clock, Double Bookcase, Study Lamp, and Old Rugs, which are all part of the Storyteller's Collection!

8f8's Armchair and Granny's Messy Present, which are both part of the Granny's Winter Cottage Collection!

Remarkable Oblivion's Home for the Holidays Wreath and Sleigh Bells Presents!

Vespertine's Frosty Snowman, Holiday Treats, Rotary Candleholder, Bell Garland, Gift Boxes, and Dreamers Bicycle!

NOMAD's Railway Set, Racer Car, Tin Robot, and Fire Lizard!

Kalopsia's Silver Rocking Horse, Rocket, Spinning Top, Puddle Duck, Dollhouse, and Bunny!

Snips & Snails and Dust Bunny's Sled!

Consignment's Winter Wagon's Car in a Jar!

O.M.E.N.'s Waiting for Santa Paws Dream Pup!

Cheeky Pea's Santa's Milke and Cookies!

Mori's Rudolph Garland!

Commoner's Monogram Stocking!

Artisan Fantasy's Gift Box!

What Next's Gift Box!

Lisp's Gift Box!

Tartessos Arts' Merry Christmas Tree!

Ariskea's Winter Nostalgia Mirtillle Plant and Garland, which are part of Deco(c)rate!

GOOSE's Wooden XMAS train and Window Star Lights, which are part of Deco(c)rate!

Let's keep lifting one another up and creating a world where kindness and compassion are the foundation.

May your days and nights be bright,
and may you be surrounded by love and light!

Tags:   boy child childhood holiday spirit Christmas morning tree presents wonder discovery snowman warmth hearth home wish kindness compassion love light friendship community Santa Skippy #LastChristmasIGaveYouMyHeart toy