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User / Skippy Beresford / Attachment is the strongest block to realization.
Skippy Beresford / 932 items
The little man tries to break free…
“But but but… I gotta get breakfast you guys!”

This one is dedicated to my old friend, Zen.
I hope you are thriving out there in the great big universe!

Skippy envisioned his universe with the help of the following amazing creations:

DRD’s Console Table, and Rugs, which are all part of the Oceanic Retreat Collection!

8f8’s Gold Frame, which is part of the BloomLife Collection!

8f8’s Blue Lighthouse, which is part of the Paint me Summer Collection!

KraftWork’s Table Lamp, and S.S. Skippy, which are both part of Skippy's Christmas Eve Collection!

And Zen's BoOgErS’ Bears!

Be bold.
Be brave.
Blaze your trail, my friends!

And don’t let anything stop you from getting a good breakfast!
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  • Taken: Jul 1, 2023
  • Uploaded: Jul 1, 2023
  • Updated: Sep 12, 2023