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User / Skippy Beresford / The greatest happiness in the world is to make others happy.
Skippy Beresford / 932 items
The little man shares his fries…

Skippy can’t think of a better way to start the summer than to stop by this month’s round of The Food Court and pick up some delicious and shareable supplies!

The little eater envisioned his universe with the following craveable creations:

TROPIX’s Coffee Shop TX!

crate’s Table, Pendant, Neon Sign, and Pink Sundae, which are all part of the Dream of Ice Cream Set!

Midwest’s Chair, which is part of the Solaire Set!

Aardvark’s Summer Stickers Drink!

Random Matter’s Sauced Dog, which is part of the Saucy Dogs Set!

MAJESTY X FOODIE’s Truffle Fries, and Single Truffle Fry with Ketchup!

Always Never’s Chocolate Spoon!

Kwaii’s Crepe Board, and Crepe Shark Surfing!

KREAMY’s Plush Puppy Burger!

Vive Nine’s Big Stack Burger, Large Fry, and Large Cup, which are all part of the McRonald's Set!

macaroon’s Strawberry Cake Roll!

ENAMOUR’s Hungry Wheel’s Food & Drink!

BLACK NEST’s Sarki Soft Serve Cone!

DISORDERLY’s Mixed Berries and Chocolate Cake, and Mixed Berries and Vanilla Cake!

Pitaya’s Confit Pots with Flowers, which are part of the Vintage Pottery Set!

And the little foodie wears:

Sorumin’s Bucket Hat!

ALL of the above can be found at The Food Court!

Your ride to The Food Court!

Skippy also created his universe with:

THOR’s Gelato Cup, and Small Sign, which are both part of the Gelateria Italiana Set!

Let’s keep sharing our kindnesses, our stories, and our fries!
Let’s keep lifting one another up up up!
Let’s keep shining bright!
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  • Taken: Jun 11, 2023
  • Uploaded: Jun 11, 2023
  • Updated: Oct 7, 2023