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Harlie Photography / 31 items

SIM-RMIT Ze DaeBakz Graduation
6 photos

S&A - The Engagement
11 photos

In Collaboration
24 photos
Harlie Photography & Lipgloss by Dyana Zainal Copyright © Harlie Photography 2014. All rights reserved.

Jumi | Bambang - The Wedding
45 photos
Copyright © Harlie Photography 2014. All rights reserved.

Sadiq | Khairiyah - The Wedding
85 photos
Copyright © Harlie Photography 2014. All rights reserved.

Nurashima | Daud - The Engagement
29 photos

Atika | Rafeeq - The Engagement
40 photos
A Malay Engagement shoot.

36 photos
It was really hot and a lot of nice trees in Bidadari has been cut. Nevertheless, we took what we could and I hope that you like it! Some photos didn't quite turn out the way I wanted them to but...

SIM UB Graduands
13 photos

Russian Ballet Singapore
16 photos

Adam | 'Alia - The SKLGNG Photoshoot
32 photos

Adam | 'Alia - The Wedding
32 photos

10 photos
Anywhere, anytime around Singapore

El & Rad
15 photos

Adam + Sheemah
27 photos

East Coast Park (ECP)
13 photos

26 photos
A personal project aiming to capture the beauty of different kinds of dance.

Black and White
39 photos
All my collections of black and white images. Somehow, I find solace in getting these images as I see it as an outlet to express my innermost feelings. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the...

D'Fashion Fever Model Search 2011 - TOP 10!
7 photos
These were the models I worked with for the day. There were others as well :)

Sarah K.
14 photos
An impromptu photoshoot for my friend Sarah and her Taryn :)

Self Explorations
15 photos
This is what I do when I get bored at home..playing is the road to self discovery ;)

31 photos
This set is dedicated to my minimalistic shots. Thanks for viewing. p.s. a short note/comment will make my day =)

6 photos

Sunrise @ Merlion Park
8 photos
ended my night long marathon of essays and had the urge to proceed for a morning shoot so here it is..

Punggol Beach
13 photos
some takes on punggol beach. would like to thank my friend ili nad for accompanying me on this trip.

Formula Drift Singapore 2009
6 photos
Event was held at the Changi Exhibition Centre over a two day period from the 4th to 5th July 2009. It was great to see some close up action of cars drifting and smelling the burnt rubber and hearing...

Old Changi Hospital
17 photos

Sunrise @ Changi
12 photos

Sunset @ Bedok Reservoir
11 photos

Sunset @ Labrador
5 photos

Changi Coastal Series
64 photos
A collection of my shots along the eastern most coast of Singapore