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Hanover, Germany
19 photos
While many Germans will put Hanover down for a city without much to see, I very much did enjoy it. With a hot orange jazz club and great park space, the beautiful Annika and I kept very entertained....

Heidelberg, Germany
25 photos
Heidelberg, a small city in western Germany, is home to the country's oldest university, an old castle (schloss), and a beautiful old town on the Necklar River. Visit the city for it's regular...

Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany
30 photos
Good times spent at Oktoberfest in Munich for my 30th. Photos with a strong processing to complement the madness of the times.

Munich & the Bavarian Alps, Germany
40 photos
Munich was more than just a place to celebrate my 30th birthday, more than just a place to party at Oktoberfest. It's a beautiful city with a recent intriguing history and I was fortunate to spend a...

Vienna, Austria
17 photos
My days in Vienna were short, but they certainly left me desiring another visit! The city's got class. The Hofburg Palace, Museums quarter, and Schönbrunn were all magnificent. On my next visit I...

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
27 photos
Český Krumlov is a small UNESCO World Heritage town in southern Czech Republic. Tourists flock to this beautiful little town surrounded by the Vltava River throughout the summer, but many of its...

Prague, Czech Republic
105 photos
Prague, or shall I call it Disney World? The most beautiful city I found in Europe, though overrun by tourists even at the end of September. The interesting history, varied architecture, green...

The Sweet Sounds of a Unified Berlin
185 photos
10 - 16 September 2008. Berlin, Germany. Over these 7 days in Berlin, I covered 8 shows, each at a different venue, with musicians representing a total of at least 9 countries. The music covered a...

Berlin, Germany
55 photos
While I concentrated most of my energy on the nights in Berlin, soaking up and shooting the varied music scene, I also snapped a few other photos along the way. Quite the mix if I do say so . . . ...

Athens, Greece
45 photos
Athena (Athens), she's a classic! What else must one say? Acropolis? How about Parthenon, Hadrian's Arch, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Filopappou & Lykavittos Hills? Or the hip districts of Plaka...

Santorini, Greece
58 photos
It doesn't get much more picturesque than the Greek island of Santorini, originally formed by volcanic eruption. It's dramatic cliffs down to the Aegean Sea make for amazing views from the many...

Mykonos, Greece
64 photos
Shopping, parties, beaches . . . Mykonos does it all in style, and at a high cost! Possibly the most well known Greek island, Mykonos draws the tourists by the masses for their 6 month high season. ...

I'm From Barcelona / Zita Swoon
67 photos
01 October 08 - The Arena - Wien (Vienna), Austria Zita Swoon from Belgium opened this fine evening with an explosive dance pop performance. I'm From Barcelona from Sweden followed with the stage...

Ephesus, Selçuk, and Şirince, Turkey
47 photos
Selçuk, a small city on the western coast of Turkey, is home to the recently discovered ancient ruins of Ephesus that make Rome's ruins look contemporary. The ancient city of Ephesus was a major...

Pamukkale, Turkey
49 photos
Pamukkale, a small town of only 2,500, is a popular tourist stop for it's white calcium ledges and pools on the hill overlooking the town. In August, the afternoon sun beats down on its visitors as...

Cappadocia, Turkey
117 photos
Wow, what a unique place in central Turkey. The Cappadocia region and especially the town of Göreme are fantastic, home to the unique "Fairy Chimney" rock formations, cave residences and...

Istanbul, Turkey
126 photos
"Hello, my friend!" Istanbul, oh Istanbul . . . what a enormous and fantastic city, offering something for everybody. From the impressive mosques in old touristic quarter of Sultanahmet,...

Belgrade, Serbia
43 photos
Hmmm . . . Belgrade. Well coming from Zagreb, Belgrade was considerably less picturesque, though certainly more exciting with a famous nightlife on their riverboat clubs. The Serbs are a lively...

Zagreb, Croatia
47 photos
I've grown to find that some of the best cities are those visited without expectations. And Zagreb was surely one! With plenty of beautiful park space, Austro-Hungarian architecture, and outdoor...

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
42 photos
Aaaah Plitvice . . . a national park explored in one day, or so they plan for. A long day at that, and a ticket price to justify the long day spent in the park . . . the most expensive park I...

Bihać, Bosnia and Hercegovina
16 photos
Bihać, on the western border of Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH), is a small town on the beautiful River Una and surrounded by small mountains. I headed west through BiH to attend a dub reggae festival...

Jajce, Bosnia and Hercegovina
32 photos
Jajce, pronounced "Yihtze", is a very small town roughly halfway between Sarajevo and Bihac, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Great little fortress town with very friendly people, even if the...

Folk Dancing Festival
23 photos
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina - What an interesting and entertaining festival with so many acts from around the Balkans and other areas of Europe. The dancers expressed a great love of the art...

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
110 photos
While not one of my favorite cities to date, Sarajevo's surely one of the most unique that I've visited thus far. This Bosnia & Hercegovina capital city is quite small and quickly transforms...

Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina
122 photos
Talk about a unique place! Mostar was my first stop with such visible war remains from the 90's. The bullet-torn and bombed-out buildings . . . many contrasted by new buildings . . . were all...

Budva, Montenegro
21 photos
Budva's yet another beautiful coastal town on the Adriatic and has got a huge variety on offer from relaxing on the beaches, to renting boats, exploring the old walled town, shopping and fine dining,...

Kotor, Montenegro
16 photos
Kotor's a very small walled town on the only fiord in the Balkan area. Visitors can be ready to be thoroughly impressed upon driving up and seeing the old fortification walls running up the side of...

Dubrovnik, Croatia
62 photos
Before leaving on this long journey, my good friend Phil, aka Steven Spielberg, kept saying to go to Dubrovnik . . . and boy, I'm glad I did! The old walled town and surrounding beach and sea is...

Split, Šolta, & Hvar, Croatia
57 photos
Aaaah, the Dalmatian coast of Croatia . . . beautiful!!! I flew from Rome to Split where I met up with newlyweds Rachel and Mike. Over the next five days, we explored Split, a small fishing...

Ebbio & Monteriggioni, Italy
38 photos
I spent the last week in June WWOOFing (volunteering my time for accommodation and meals) at Ebbio organic farm in the town Monteriggioni, nearby Siena, Italy. I spent the week tossing hay bails...

Montepulciano & Pienza, Italy
71 photos
What can be said about this area of southern Tuscany? The small hilltop picturesque towns boast afternoon wine-tastings, street-side shopping and cafes, and converted castles into modern resorts. ...

Roma, Italy
166 photos
What a city . . . with a feeling like no other! How incredible it is to be amongst the 2-3 thousand year old ruins, some still in incredible shape, like the Pantheon. The city's quite walkable...

Siena, Italy
35 photos
Siena - what a medieval jewel! Just a 45 minute drive from Florence, Siena is a nice place to explore, slow down the pace, and enjoy its wonderful narrow medieval streets, the impressive Duomo, and...

Pisa, Italy
25 photos
Took a short 3 hr loop through Pisa . . . saw the Leaning Tower and the impressive Cathedral and Battistero. After a week of rainy days in Florence, we lucked out with brilliant sunshine in Pisa...

Sorrento, Capri, Positano, & Pompeii, Italy
108 photos
This set contains two separate trips to the beautiful south-western shores of Italy with the bus tour company Bus2Alps. I befriended the company's owner in Switzerland and attended the first trip as...

Florence, Italy
55 photos
Florence . . . Firenze . . . a nice old Italian city with enough artwork and museums to spend a lifetime. Although when you're not an art buff, you can do it in a few days. And when it rains...

Zürich, Switzerland
21 photos
Just the name Zürich has a nice ring to it. Maybe because these days it's associated with banking, money, and fine shopping. But aside from that, it's another lovely Swiss city with another...

Luzern, Switzerland
65 photos
Yet another Swiss city on a lovely green-blue river and lake. I only got to spent two days in Luzern, but I look forward to returning one day soon. The Music Conservatory (Konservatorium) at the...

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
11 photos
I spent a fantastic afternoon in the Lauterbrunnen valley of this Jungfrau region of the Swiss Alps. Just a short train ride from Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen is a hub of the Jungfrau valley and...

Schilthorn to Gimmelwald, Switzerland
53 photos
From Gimmelwald at 1300 meters to Schilthorn at 3000 meters and return, the Swiss Alps on the western end of the Jungfrau region provide wonderful vistas and trails for exploring. Early this morning...

Grindelwald, Switzerland
52 photos
In the Jungfrau region of the Swiss Alps lies the valley town of Grindelwald, a tourist town know for its brilliant winter skiing and summer hiking. While my early May 08 trip presented many closed...

Carus & the True Believers
27 photos
18 May 08 - Balmer's Herberge - Interlaken, Switzerland Aussie Carus and his rockin band thoroughly entertained the travelers and Interlaken locals at Balmer's Herberge on this fine evening. The...

Interlaken, Switzerland
28 photos
Interlaken, the land between two lakes, Brienz and Thun. A backpacker's town, a chill town, devoid of Europe's many architectural masterpieces and museums. Full of extreme sports of all flavors...

Bern, Switzerland
100 photos
Bern's a capital city like no one I've seen... truly an underrated capital. The old city is a peninsula surrounded on the south, east, and north by the River Aare and is easily walkable in a short...

Geneva, Switzerland
68 photos
Geneva . . . "the biggest small city" . . . a diverse city home to the United Nations and the Red Cross / Red Crescent. Situated on Lake Geneva with a beautiful waterfront and many...

Grenoble, France
50 photos
A small city tucked away in the French Alps, Grenoble's got a nice relaxed vibe, parks to play in and people-watch, mountains to climb, cable-cars to ride, plenty of pizzarias on the river, shops to...

Toxis Kiss
17 photos
23 Apr 08 - Salle Eve (venue) - Grenoble, France This powerpop band from East, France hit the nail on the head with their name. With a female lead reminiscent of a Jim Morrison / Grace Slick...

Mad Max vs Ben Hur Bike War
53 photos
23 Apr 08 - Grenoble, France This must have been the most unexpected, crazy, night I've had in a long time! Sylvain, Rachel, and myself unknowingly walked into this 'bike war' on the university...

Porto, Portugal
219 photos
Wow, what a city! The Rio Douro splitting Porto with neighboring (Vila Nova de) Gaia and laying down a wonderfully relaxing and reflecting spot to enjoy the day and take in a great view of both...

Coimbra, Portugal
69 photos
Home to one of the longest continuously operating universities in Europe and the world. It was established in Lisbon in 1290, though moved to Coimbra in 1308. Late nights in Coimbra . . .

Obidos, Portugal
39 photos
Obidos, a beautiful walled village of only 600 residents in the farmland of western Portugal. The buildings are all white, lined with yellow and blue borders and the walls are walkable, providing a...

Sintra, Portugal
91 photos
Sintra's magical . . . simply stated. A small and very beautiful town out of a fantasy. From its town hall building to the National Palaces of Sintra and Pena to the old Moorish Castle and the...

Lisbon, Portugal
92 photos
Portuguese capital city . . . with castles, monasteries and cathedrals, and home to many fine and interesting neighborhoods . . . colorful, yet worn. On a river, with the sea & beaches nearby,...

Sagres, Portugal
40 photos
Sagres, the most southwestern town of Portugal, and of Europe. Beautiful coastal surfer town and access point to the cape, Cabo Sao Vicente.

Lagos, Portugal
65 photos
Lagos is a white wonder in Portugal's beautiful southern Algarve coast. Home to some of the world's nicest beaches, Lagos is a summer retreat for many northern Europeans.

Sevilla, Spain
72 photos
Sevilla was the city of "oooh's, aaaah's, and what's that?!" for me. Beautiful city with tons of great architecture, churchs, plazas, etc. Semana Santa, the holy week leading up to...

Granada, Spain
57 photos
Granada, what a wonderful, chill city. As they say, sometimes less is more, and that was definitely the case in Granada. La Alhambra will surely impress, but my remaining days were spend relaxing...

Cordoba, Spain
41 photos
A day in Cordoba. Photos predominately from the Mezquita Catedral and the surrounding areas. A bit of a rushed day . . .

Toledo, Spain
50 photos
Toledo, Spain

Madrid, Spain
76 photos
Madrid, Spain

Barcelona, Spain
94 photos
Barcelona, Spain