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153 photos
Where I live

48 photos
This is where I grew up as a child. In 40 years this place has changed from a clean, tidy and safe neighbourhood to an utter disgrace. The public officials and certain people of Abercynon should be...

Africa 2019 Zimbabwe
141 photos
Photos from safaris to Hwange National Park and Mana Pools, Zimbabwe plus a few from Victoria Falls. May 2019

Africa 2022 Zambia
169 photos
Photos from a safari to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia in June 2022

103 photos
How could you not want to get closer to what is up there ?

Best birds
221 photos
A collection of what I consider to be my best bird photographs

1285 photos, 1 video
Th gift of flight and beauty combined

93 photos
A regular feature of my life

506 photos
Macro shots of mini beasts

133 photos
A collection of buildings that I found interesting from the various corners of my life

50 photos
Love this place

Cuba 2018
28 photos

Cuba 2018
1 photo

14 photos
My eldest

36 photos
Difficult to get close to, the careful stalk evokes something deeply primitive in me.

76 photos
My youngest

97 photos
A collection of my photographs that have entered Flickr's Explore pages

Fish and fishing
15 photos

Flowers and plants
166 photos
The variety of structure, colour and form is both endless and wonderful

France 2009
17 photos

France 2014
26 photos

France 2015
10 photos

France 2016
1 photo

France 2017
22 photos

France 2019
12 photos

France 2022
5 photos

38 photos
A secret world of wonder that reveals itself each autumn

65 photos
My partner, soul mate and best friend

34 photos
Such characters, and a real challenge to get close to on open ground

Iceland 2017
20 photos
Fire and ice

93 photos
Special birds I could not tire of photographing

208 photos
A collection of scenes that appealed to me that I want to remember

665 photos
Various methods including a Tamron 180mm macro, old Nikon micro lenses, reversed lenses and extension tubes

Martin Down
73 photos
Martin Down, Hampshire. A wildlife oasis amongst the sterile corn and rape fields of southern England.

35 photos
Butterflies of the night - often thought of as drab and brown, the truth is quite the opposite

My favourites
447 photos
The ones I think are the best

My garden
622 photos
The flora and fauna of my garden

4 photos

194 photos
Some family, friends and total strangers

11 photos
Gaëlle's home town

Sailing France Spain 2016
93 photos

Sailing France Spain 2018
56 photos

28 photos

Scotland 2016
12 photos
Must go back as this place is stunning

Scotland 2019
24 photos
Some shots from the beautiful wildlife haven that is Mull plus the area north of Oban to Glenfinnan, Glencoe and Glen Etive

Scotland 2021
52 photos
Photos from Loch Etive and Mull

47 photos
Some of the notable skies I have photographed over the years

80 photos
Not everyone's cup of tea but I love them

Stormy seas
34 photos
It can get rough out there

98 photos
I am drawn to this and wish I could do more but opportunities rarely arise unless on holiday

Sunrise and sunset
44 photos
Early and late in blue and golden light

Toulouse 2017
7 photos

The Test 2012
8 photos

USA 2016
29 photos

125 photos
God's country

Washington 2017
23 photos

2097 photos, 1 video
Anything wild and free

66 photos
Some photos from my time in and around Wilton

45 photos
Snow and ice and wind and rain