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Example entry for Looking For Group
This would be for the Party Animals category.

These are reconstructions of my party in Icewind Dale at the endgame. Based on a combination of the character sprites, artifact/equipment icons, and pure invention.

Left to right:

Hansel, lawful neutral male halfling cleric.
Notable items: Mail of Life; Helm of the Trusted Defender; Misery's Herald (a flail made with an elven femur)

Hrafn, chaotic good dwarven fighter.
Notable items: Bathed-In-Blood; Blessed Helm of Lathander; Celebrant's Blade

Reanna, lawful good female human paladin.
Notable items: Cloak of Protection +2; Kresselack's Helm; Nym's Rhino Beetle Shield; Alamion

Frieg, chaotic good female human fighter.
Notable items: Dead Man's Face; Cairn Blade

Saru Miamuto, chaotic evil male elven thief.
Notable items: Ring of Dwarven Bone; Ring of the Warrior Thief; Short Sword of Health +4; Boots of Speed

Seylin, true neutral male human mage.
Notable items: Robe of Enfusing; Mantel of the Coming Storm; Sune's Laurel of Favour; Black Wolf Talisman; Kontik's Ring of Wizardry; The Salamander's Tongue; Edley's Sling

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