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User / Shadow Viking / Sets / Rescue on Graveyard Island
alice / SV / 1 item

N 0 B 3.3K C 14 E Oct 19, 2009 F Oct 18, 2009
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What was once just the town graveyard is now all that's left of a nameless sunken village... Ettia Belucci, a dark witch and mistress of necromancy, has made the island a sacrificial altar and "recruiting ground", but may have met her match after kidnapping Pete "Shadow" Haart's lover...

for the Forbidden Cove October Seed Part challenge.

Tags:   LEGO pirates MOC diorama scene sand graves tombstones gravestones cemetary graveyard island zombies skeleton undead witch albino pirate :3 bats fire tagspew trains Halloween Forbidden Cove October Seed Part Contest surfboard treasure chest seaweed Albino Fetish Ass Pirates