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Around Napa - Archer Taylor Preserve
9 photos
Memorial Day spent at the Archer Taylor Preserve

Around SF - A Smoke- & Fog-Filled Wednesday
4 photos
4 views out my living room window on September 9, 2020. The colors here reflect reality.

Around Mare Island
47 photos
A few hours looking at buildings and drydocks at the old Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo

Around SF - Sunset 6/27/19
9 photos
A dramatic sunset in San Francisco

Jokhang, Lhasa, Tibet, 1991
17 photos
Slide scans from my visit there, posted on the occasion of the February 2018 fire.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
27 photos
My first visit to the MLK, Jr. Memorial on the Mall in Washington, DC (and pictures from the vicinity)

From the Air
86 photos
Photos taken out the windows of planes on 2 trips to the East Coast this year, mostly capturing interesting patterns and designs, rather than documenting specific sites (though many places were...

Around Contra Costa - A Hike to Port Costa
57 photos
I had a meeting in Vallejo and left SF very early in the afternoon to beat the rush hour traffic. The day before I had seen—in the New York Times, of all places—a reference to a hike to Port...

Michigan 2012 Set 2
46 photos
Pictures from a trip to Michigan to visit friends. North to Lake Superior and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Another day at Pictured Rocks, out with the canoe and sunset from camp.

Around DC - The Smithsonian African-American...
66 photos
A few hours spent checking out the Smithsonian's new African-American Museum on the Mall near the Washington Monument

Around Bethlehem - Steel Stacks
37 photos
The old Bethlehem Steel works have been left standing as the backdrop for a public park. A catwalk allows people to get up high and close. The park is used for free concerts and festivals. (It was a...

Around SF - Lunar Eclipse 9/27/15
16 photos
The Super Moon Eclipse—I decided to take a chance and went out to the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, the highest point in the neighborhood, despite some fog blowing in. A couple...

Around SF - Tuesday Afternoon in Golden Gate Park
51 photos
Went for a walk in the Park to the Conservatory of Flowers and the de Young Museum

Weekend Trip to the Bodie Hills
120 photos

Around SF - Evening Walk around Stow Lake
10 photos

Around Marin - Rush Creek Open Space, Novato
21 photos
Took my Mom out for a hike on Super Bowl Sunday, 2015, to one of Marin County Open Space District's areas, for a first-time visit. It borders the wetlands along the Petaluma River and stretches...

Around Marin - Tennessee Valley Hike
46 photos
A 4-mile round trip hike on a nice day in January.

Around SF - Golden Gate Avenue
16 photos
Architecture from an afternoon visit to Civic Center along Golden Gate Avenue

Around SF - SF Zoo
48 photos
A trip to the zoo one Saturday with my nieces and nephew.

Michigan 2012 Set 1
70 photos
Pictures from a trip to Michigan to visit friends. North to Lake Superior and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Around San Mateo - Along the Coast
18 photos
A nice, but foggy, afternoon along the coast south of San Francisco.

Around SF - Afternoon Walk in the Park
26 photos
To Ocean Beach and back on a Sunday afternoon.

Around SF - Golden Gate Park Owls and More 2013
20 photos
The third year I've seen Great Horned Owls rearing their young in the Park

Around Sonoma - Green Music Center
47 photos
I spent a few hours at the new Donald & Maureen Green Music Center at Sonoma State University in Ronhert Park. It includes the Joan & Sanford I. Weill Hall, where a high school jazz band...

Around SF - SFJazz Center & Environs
11 photos
Taken on opening day of the new SFJazz Center, 1/21/13, at the corner of Franklin & Fell Streets. www.sfjazz.org

Around SF - Afternoon Walk in the Arboretum II
39 photos
More pictures from Golden Gate Park

Around SF - Afternoon Walk in the Arboretum
28 photos
A break in the storms gives a chance to get out with the camera to Arboretum. The hummingbirds cooperated in various poses, showing off their different colors, depending on the angle. December 2,...

Around SF - Sunset Walk in Golden Gate Park
8 photos
November 11, 2012, Veterans Day

Around SF - Thursday Sunset on the Roof
9 photos
November 8, 2012

Around SF - Sunday Sunrise on the Roof —...
5 photos
The only good thing I can think of about the days getting shorter is that you can see sunrise without having to get up real early! October 21, 2012

Around Marin - Muir Beach Hike
9 photos

Around SF - The Eureka
29 photos
A historic ferry boat at the Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park www.nps.gov/safr/historyculture/eureka-history.htm en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eureka_(ferryboat)

Around SF - The Hercules
21 photos
A historic tugboat at the Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park www.nps.gov/safr/historyculture/hercules-history.htm en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hercules_(1907)

Around SF - The Space Shuttle Flies By
17 photos
The Space Shuttle "Endeavour" flew by the Golden Gate Bridge on a last flight before heading to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. September 21, 2012 For pictures of its trip...

Around SF - The Balclutha
40 photos
A historic sailing ship at the Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park www.nps.gov/safr/historyculture/balclutha-history.htm en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balclutha_(1886)

Around SF - Hyde Street Pier & Vicinity
23 photos

Around SF - Golden Gate Park, Summer 2012
6 photos
Owls and more

Solar Eclipse, May 20, 2012
10 photos
Pictures from the annular eclipse of May 20, 2012. I also took 4 comparison pictures 2 days after the eclipse (the fog was in on the day immediately after) to show what the normal patterns from the...

Mono Lake, September 2011
17 photos
An afternoon spent at the Lake on the way home from Utah

10 photos
A few odds and ends

To Yosemite's High Country & Back
78 photos
A snowless but cold winter in the Sierra has left the roads open, allowing people to see things they normally couldn't without cross country skis.

Lunar Eclipse, Dec. 10, 2011
15 photos
Pictures taken from the roof and out my living room window.

Rock Art & Ruins III
63 photos
The last set of archaeology pics from September's trip to Utah

Natural Bridges (supplement)
10 photos

Across Southern Utah
50 photos
Landscape in San Juan, Garfield, Emery and Millard Counties, with dinosaur tracks and a little rock art thrown in.

To the Bodie Hills & Back
31 photos
2 days in the Yosemite High Country and the Bodie Hills. A Wall Street gold mining company wants to build an open pit mine in the middle of the Bodie Hills, home to pronghorn, sage grouse, and...

Rock Art & Ruins II
60 photos

Rock Art & Ruins I
36 photos
Rock art & ruins in Southeast Utah, part 1.

Going to & at Muley Point
35 photos
A weekend camping with friends at Muley Point, overlooking the San Juan River and Monument Valley.

Around Marin - Oak Tree Removal
5 photos
The Coast Live Oak just got too big for the front of the house, 45 years after planting ...

Around SF - Cal Academy of Sciences II
59 photos
Pictures from 2 more visits— one on a sunny day, the other foggy—to the Cal Academy. Exhibits and architecture.

Around SF - The Contemporary Jewish Museum
24 photos
My first visit inside the museum, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. It's in an old power substation originally designed by Willis Polk, in the Yerba Buena Gardens area, between Mission and...

High Sierra & Yosemite, July 2011
87 photos
I met Mike at Mt. Whitney and we spent a few days getting him up to Yosemite Valley so he could hike the John Muir Trail. We met a couple of other friends for a day InTuolumne Meadows.

Around SF - Owls (& Other Sightings) in Golden...
172 photos
A Great Horned Owl family in the Park - male, female, and 4 juveniles. On the second visit I ran into a Great Blue Heron and a Red-Tailed Hawk, too.

Rock Art
136 photos
Various sites in Utah

Dead Horse Point & Canyonlands
44 photos
A field trip to see areas around Canyonlands National Park that could use increased protection. And a day trip to the Island in the Sky. Lots of changing and dramatic-at-times lighting.

Around Moab & Arches
48 photos
Dayhiking around Moab ...

Around SF - Baker Beach & Vicinity
16 photos
An early evening walk to the beach

Around SF - Sunset, May 31, 2011
15 photos
Unsettled weather gave rise to clouds up north in the early evening and for the sunset.

To & From Utah
39 photos
Pictures taken "on the road" — some literally. There are only two pictures heading East.

Around SF - SFMOMA & Vicinity
111 photos
A visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Yerba Buena Arts District. Lots of interesting angles and combinations of materials and light (too many!), in addition to some art, with a...

Around SF - Conservatory of Flowers
85 photos
A Victoria-era glass greenhouse, shipped around Cape Horn, now in Golden Gate Park. Pictures from several visits over the last year, which accounts for the different lighting.

Around DC, 2-3/11
141 photos

Around SF - Another Walk in the Arboretum
26 photos
Magnolias, a Red-Shouldered Hawk & More

Around SF - The Internet Archive
15 photos
The old Fourth Church of Christ Scientist Wired has run some articles about the Archive. The latest is at: www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/08/brewster-kahle/all/

Around SF - Evening Walk at Land's End
27 photos
A clear evening in February

Around SF - Three Heads Six Arms
19 photos
San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza has been home to long-term but temporary sculpture installations the last few years. "Three Heads Six Arms" (2008, copper) is the latest. From the sign...

Around SF - Golden Gate Park Arboretum (mostly)
35 photos
A January evening walk through the Arboretum.

Around SF - January Evening Walk in Golden Gate...
49 photos
Sunday in the Park

Around SF - January Evening Walks in the Richmond...
29 photos
The sun has been out 3 days in a row, so I'm taking advantage of it by walking.

Around SF - Rainy Start to 2011
4 photos

Winter Solstice 2010 (w/ Eclipse)
20 photos
Pictures from the roof, overnight December 20-21, 2010. The weather was unsettled, so I wasn't sure I'd see the moon, but the clouds parted from time to time. Some pictures are through thin veils of...

Around Marin - Mt. Tamalpias Hike 12/11/10
6 photos

Tuolumne Country
55 photos
A day spent in Tuolumne Meadows and along the Tuolumne River and Tioga Road on the way home.

The East Side, Lee Vining to Bridgeport
20 photos

The Sierra Crest near Tioga Pass
66 photos
Days 3 & 4, Inyo National Forest

Mono Lake
61 photos
Various views around the lake on a couple of days in September 2010

Around SF - Monday Morning, No Fog (!)
7 photos
This is the first morning in 6 weeks or more where the sun came out without having to burn off the fog first. Of course, it turns out they're predicting a heat wave for this week, and today is a...

Around Moab
93 photos
Various excursions on various days ...

Around SF - More Evening Walks in the Fog
23 photos
The foggiest Summer in years it seems. 2 evening walks to the Palace of the Legion of Honor (SF's European art museum) at Land's End and then the following evening in Golden Gate Park.

Around SF - Evening Walk in Golden Gate Park
26 photos
The fog was in, and I thought it might make for some misty pictures. It didn't, but here are the results anyway.

Around SF - Hike in the Presidio
29 photos

Aztec Ruins National Monument, New Mexico
35 photos
Not a site where things have been left in arrested decay. The main kiva was reconstructed in the 1930s, and a lot of other stabilization work has been undertaken. The ruins were named by people who...

Another Chimney Rock in Colorado
1 photo

Around Aztec, New Mexico
69 photos
From an afternoon and evening spent in Aztec

Chimney Rock in Colorado
48 photos
A Chacoan archaeological site in southwest Colorado. Reports out of Washington are that Pres. Obama will designate Chimney Rock a national monument on Friday. Legislation had already passed the...

Clouds 6/3/10
29 photos
Another set from the roof at sunset as the fog rolls in.

Around Marin - Chimney Rock at Point Reyes
42 photos
An after-Mothers-Day hike with Mom

Sunset 10/15/09
13 photos
Unsettled weather leads to the best sunsets here. Tonight the fog was coming in -- in 2 distinct layers, high and at ground/water level.

Around SF - Cal Academy of Sciences
59 photos
Thursday nights they are open 6 - 10 p.m. for the over-21 crowd. And it's $10 admission instead of $25. Friends came into the City, so we checked it out.

Sibley Volcanic Reserve
30 photos
Part of the East Bay Regional Park District, above and south of the Caldecott Tunnels

Around SF - City Hall
2 photos

Around SF - Davies Symphony Hall
46 photos
I've spent a lot of time here in the last 27 years!

Around San Mateo - Princeton by the Sea
16 photos
Went to lunch in Half Moon Bay with a friend and took some pictures of the harbor while waiting for her to arrive.

Around DC, 2/09
104 photos

Cataract Creek
22 photos
Hiking with Mom for her birthday

Views from the Roof and Nearby
20 photos

Around SF - de Young Museum
80 photos
Across the street and up a bit ;-)

Around SF - Reliquaries at the de Young Museum
65 photos
An exhibition of modern reliquaries -- sacred architecture and objects made from guns, bullets, and shot. January 15, 2009

Utah 2008
116 photos