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Inside Out 2020
6 photos

Masterpieces in Lockdown
5 photos

One Day in Isolation
6 photos
A 6 photo diary made for Utata's Big Project 2020

Times of Covid
4 photos

100 Winter Nights
101 photos

8 photos
A series taken with a Recesky kit camera, using colour film developed in B&W chemicals. Minimal pp, just an occasional crop.

Every Building on Back Crescent Street
71 photos
I did a quick Instagram project last month titled 'Every Building on Back Crescent Street'. It was based on Ed Ruscha.s iconic 'Every building on the Sunset Strip'. While Ruscha's drove along Sunset...

Every Photo has a Title.
19 photos
A new project comprising new photos taken especially with the project in mind and old photos 're-imagined' with the intent to produce something of a K├╝nstlerroman.

4 photos
A walk on a weekend morning throws up traces of the night before.

Phoneography- A Utata Big Project
30 photos

12 photos
A short series of 12 photos taken in the fog on Sunday 6th February 2015.

Homage- A Big Project
12 photos

Beach, Bay - Abstracted
26 photos
The 'other-worldly' qualities of the seascapes and landscapes of Morecambe Bay constantly fascinate me. The huge tides are fearsome yet produce forms of great beauty.

334 photos
"Sometimes the Gods have no taste at all. They allow sunrises and sunsets in ridiculous pink and blue hues that any professional artist would dismiss as the work of some enthusiastic amateur...

Sculpture and Art
117 photos, 1 video
Not mine, I'll leave the viewer to decide if any of my photos qualify. Photos of public and other art I've taken.

53 photos
Mysterious road markings

Iron Photographer
17 photos

3 videos

Just One Thing
12 photos
12 photos for the Utata "Just One Thing" 2012 summer project. When the Just One Thing project was announced I had my subject, my just one thing, ready and waiting to be photographed....

Container Art
28 photos
The accidental art caused by the aging process on static and abandoned shipping containers.

16 photos

193 photos
After sunsets I seem to photograph boats most of all. I wonder if they have souls.

Out Of My Element
77 photos
I was born into a close knit community but through force of circumstance have lived most of my life outside it. It's left me feeling not quite at home in either the community of my birth or the wider...

The Ties That Bind
58 photos
Ropes, knots and chains of a nautical nature from the boats, yachts and nobbies of Morecambe Bay.

Pieces of the Jigsaw
157 photos

Where I Live- A photo essay
6 photos
A 6 part photo essay, created for the Utata "Where I Live" project.

Irwell Sculpture Trail
46 photos, 1 video
The Irwell Sculpture Trail runs for 33 miles along the Irwell valley from Salford up to Bacup in Rossendale. The biggest public art project in England, it includes works by local and...

Sacred Spaces
15 photos

89 photos, 1 video
The self portraits

Found Sculpture
29 photos
...or simply rusty bits of old crap, depending on your point of view. Anyway, it's sculptural ideas and feelings found on my travels. The found part suggests any perceived art is only in the...

Big Project 2011 Color Story
4 photos

6 photos
A few days holiday to Switzerland to visit friend old and new.

Black and White
104 photos

Thursday Walk
176 photos
Utata has a weekly Thursday Walk project. Seeing as I almost always walk on Thursdays I often contribute.

Landscapes and Seascapes
114 photos

63 photos
Mainly candids.

13 photos

28 photos

Personal Faves
49 photos
A few of my own favourites. I'll try not to add too many recent photos, I think distance adds objectivity.

146 photos

23 photos

20 Most Interesting
20 photos
I don't know how they work this sort of thing out but this set is the top 20 most interesting pics on my stream. I believe it's regenerated from tome to time so the photos may change...

20 Least Interesting
20 photos
Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 8th January 2018 at 2:08pm UTC

Salford Quays
11 photos
Docklands regeneration seem to produce the same style buildings the world over. This is my take on Manchester's version.

D40/x Challenge
20 photos
Various entries to the weekly Nikon D40/x group challenge.

20 photos
4 days a week I do a commute which involves a 120 mile round trip. This set is an irregular series of photos that have been taken on that journey.

9 photos
Photos from the Roman Baths and the River Avon.