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User / seanbonner / Chad Robertson, Studio Visit - Dec 2019
Sean Bonner / 12,698 items
I began working with Los Angeles Chad Roberton in the early 2000's when we co-produced a benefit exhibition for the West Memphis Three, and would go on to represent him and show his work at sixspace, the gallery I co-owned at the time. Chad has become a close friend and we've stayed in touch over the years even as our professional paths diverged. Recently, while visiting Los Angeles I made the time to visit his studio and see some of his current work - which is breath taking. These photos don't do work justice, but I offer them as a glimpse into his world. I can't wait for people to have a chance to see these works in all their glory.
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  • Taken: Dec 8, 2019
  • Uploaded: Jan 26, 2020
  • Updated: Feb 7, 2020