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User / seanbonner / Kona Cinder Cone
Sean Bonner / 12,743 items
I got this bike in 2000 after my other Kona was stolen. I rode it back and forth to work for about 6 months, and then it sat for about 5 years. When I started riding it again I realized I wasn't riding offroad at all anymore and kept adjusting things to make it more roadbike like. The knobby tires were the first thing to go. I "retired" it from primary use in summer 2007 when I bought a single speed Swobo Sanchez which was kind of a major turning point in my bike obsession. Since then this has served as a guest bike and minor utility use. I may put the knobbys back on it at some point, who knows.

iPhoned in.
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  • Taken: Jul 31, 2008
  • Uploaded: Jul 31, 2008
  • Updated: Nov 25, 2014