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"Thia" is one of five certified Bloodhounds in Southwest Search Dogs. She was named after the ship that rescued some of the passengers from the Titanic. Doesn't she just make you want to go and cuddle your Bloodhound? Oh, you don't have one of those? I do, so I think I will.

I was out shooting flowers at our last training, when I got a call on the radio from my wife, Jan, requesting that I go with Gretchen and Thia, while they worked the training problem, since I knew where it went and Gretchen wanted to run it "blind". I had wanted to shoot some pictures of Thia, anyway, using my new soft box, since we needed one for her ID, but I decided to shoot a few "test shots" without it, on our way to the start of the problem. This turned out to be a good idea, since we ended up not having enough time for the formal shoot. Besides, I really love the natural lighting on this shot. When I zoom in on the original, I can see Gretchen reflected in Thia's eye, but you can't on this shot, because she blends into the tree that's behind her.

Thia and Gretchen did really well on their training problem, which started at an intersection where the subject never was and Thia gave a nice negative response that Gretchen recognized. When we moved to the start of the actual trail, Thia picked it up right away and never got off, all the way back to the subject.

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