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User / Jim Frazee / Rizzoli, during area search practice.
Jim Frazee / 4,983 items
In this video, you can see the difference in styles of search dogs between Rizzoli and Gunner, who was in the previous video. Rizzoli is more methodical and deliberate than Gunner, but both dogs seem to be asking, "I know that you know that this is where the subject is. If this is such an emergency, why don't you come over here, instead of me going back to you?"

It's a good question and if it were a real search, we would of course, do just that. However, the writers of K-9 search policy feel that since the dogs might be out of sight and out of hearing range when they make the find, they need to be able to communicate to the handlers when they come back to them, that they have found the subject. Therefore, it is a requirement that the dog come all the way back to the handler, do its trained alert, then lead the handler back to the subject, in order to pass the certification tests.

Both videos look pretty good here on Flickr, but you have to sacrifice a lot of quality in order to meet the requirements for posting, and they are not indicative of the quality of the videos as they come out of the Canon 5D Mark ii. Straight out of the camera, they are true 1080P and they are spectacular, especially on a large screen. I haven't played them on my HDTV, yet, but my guess is that they'll be even better than on my computer monitor.
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  • Taken: Jan 11, 2009
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  • Updated: Mar 1, 2010