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Three of Taxco’s famous attractions: The Zocalo, Templo de Santa Prisca and a Volkswagen Bug taxi.

Taxco ("tass-ko") de Alarcón is considered Mexico’s silver Mecca. It is a beautiful Spanish colonial town at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Once an abundant silver mining town, it now thrives on its silver craft and tourism. It makes for a popular day trip from Mexico City, as it is located only 100 miles southwest from the capitol.

Taxco is a great walking town; that is if you don’t mind getting a workout from the steep, cobblestone streets. Taxco is perched on a sloping hillside 5,000 feet above sea level and the steep, cobbled, narrow and winding streets makes it a perfect fit for the compact Volkswagen Beetle (Bug). It is the only town in Mexico that still retains this classic car as a primary source of public transportation. With its rear wheel drive (the wheels do not spin on the slick cobblestone streets) and air-cooled engine, it is the perfect car to navigate the steep hills of Taxco.

The taxi driver’s modify these classic cars by removing the front passenger seat. This allows paying passengers to enter and disembark with ease. Also, the space serves as a “trunk” for luggage and shopping items. One handy modification is that they attach a rope to the passenger side door to close it once the passenger enters or exits the vehicle.

You have not experienced Taxco until you have taken a ride in a classic VW Bug taxi!

Happy Travels!

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