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The city of Cuernavaca (kwehr-nah-vah-kah), the capital of Morelos state, is where Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés called home while “residing” in Mexico and built his enormous palace-fortress (now the Museo de Cuauhnáhuac) that now occupies the city zocalo (plaza).

The Aztecs called the city Cuauhnáhuac (“place by the woods”) and the Spaniards changed the name to Cuernavaca (“cow horn”) because they had a hard time pronouncing Cuauhnáhuac.

One evening I decided to photograph the city cathedral, but I encountered a big problem. That big problem turned out to be an enormous tour bus parked on the street blocking my view. I waited patiently for the bus to move as precious seconds ticked away, all the while the gorgeous light of the blue hour was quickly fading. Fortunately, the bus did move while there was still some decent light and in one frame I was able to make this creative composition.

Cuernavaca’s cathedral is enclosed in a high-walled compound and construction began on one of the first structures in the early 16th century. Talk about going back to the future!

Happy Travels!

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