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Taxco de Alarcón is considered Mexico’s silver Mecca. It is a beautiful Spanish colonial town at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Since the town is located on a steep hillside the locals use a combination of Volkswagen Beetle (Bug) taxis and shared mini-vans called colectivos to navigate the steep streets. They constantly roam the streets in a single file as if they were on an assembly line. You never have to wait more than a couple of seconds to flag down public transportation. On the other hand, if you have a room located near the street (like I did) the constant sound of humming Volkswagen engines may keep you awake (bring earplugs).

This is a shot I took of Taxco’s traffic at night from my hotel terrace on Plazuela de San Juan with my camera hanging precariously over the edge. I love living dangerously!

Happy Travels!

One more photo in the comment section.

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