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You know what’s annoying? Photographers telling other photographers how they should make their photos. Soooo annoying. Even more annoying is a dumbass photographer telling someone how to make their photos.

That said, I just released a new tutorial where I “suggest” not “tell” people a few (or 30+) ideas and techniques I’ve come up with over the last 15 years that I use all the time. So if you want to be annoyed by my dumbass for 100 minutes telling you things about what to do to your photos, feel free to check it out.

Jeez, I’m horrible with self promotion. But you can head to www.ryandyar.com if you’re interested.. Also, here’s a photo of the 61g lava flow on Hawaii’s Big Island.
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  • Taken: Jul 22, 2022
  • Uploaded: Aug 3, 2022
  • Updated: Oct 12, 2022