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The Last Laugh
12 photos
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ Confucius

Wisconsin Dec 2010
2 photos
I don't know exactly how I agreed to a trip to Wisconsin in December, but it was a thoroughly super time. Thanks to all who made it such a wonderful time - especially Paige, without whose Survival...

Beachy Mood / Moody Beach
9 photos, 1 video

Drive-thru car wash!
11 photos

Mt Baldy 8/9/09
15 photos
So I got this email from the Aetherius Society about their World Peace Pilgrimage up Mt Baldy. I'm not one for religions but I thought this might be a good opportunity to hike up a mountain -...

The Bazaar @ the SLS Hotel
28 photos
Been dying to get into this place - a molecular gastronomy deal brought to you by Jose Andres. www.thebazaar.com/ And what an experience: foie gras cubes wrapped in cotton candy, fer...

141 photos
I've been photographing found Q-tips for years - enjoy!

Food and Foodstuffs
410 photos
I admit: I do a lot of eating! It's high time I made a separate set for all my shots of food.

196 photos
I know I've been uploading a surge of knitting pics - it's because I was accepted into Ravelry! My knitting blog is Consolidated Lint But I don't have many posts there since May of 2006. Lots of...

Me & Celebrity
20 photos
Collected over the years - some are pretty funny

Self Portraits
105 photos
Holy Geez Louise am I vain - I had no idea how many of these there were until I started this set. Oh well. That's me I guess.

26 photos
Yes I am a walking stereotype - that's why I need all these marvelous shoes. Unless otherwise specified, all shoes pictured are in my possession.

Kitty Cats!
58 photos
It's the law, right? You have to have a Kitty Cat photo album.

Bergman Cabin April 09
16 photos
When your brains start leaking out your ears due to too much stress, if you're lucky you have access to The Bergman Cabin in the woods. Headed here for the weekend to enjoy what they Don't Have: NO...

Bellingham & Port Townsend 2009
89 photos
I'm in Washington to celebrate my brother's 50th birthday and to visit in Port Townsend afterwards. It's more than a little nippy on the twat up here - below freezing to be sure, but beautiful and...

Portraits of Eric Kroll
30 photos
Who could ask for a more interesting subject?

LACMA overtaken by Machine Project 11/15/08
26 photos

Wrightsland - 10/25/08
15 photos
This was a small dinner party and music performance, given at WRIGHTSLAND in Malibu. Not a lot of info to be had, but I do know that the property is owned by Frank Lloyd Wright's daughter and/or...

50 Years of Banks
42 photos
The NHRA Museum in Pomona is hosting this wonderful exhibit through September 2009. Go see it!

House Industries @ Shepard Fairey's Subliminal...
15 photos
This show is great and runs through I thin the first week of December. Go see it!

Fluevog Party Oct 2008
7 photos
John Fluevog drove his flawless Kustom Jag down from Canada to hang out, show off the newest shoe designs, and celebrate five years of having the awesomest shoe store on Melrose. I was excited to...

Key West 2: Aug 2008
53 photos
So at the last minute I decided to cash in my frequent flier miles (before the greedy airlines change the requirements) and head to Key West for some R&R with P&P. Did anybody know it's HOT...

Pasadena Confidential July 2008
14 photos
Took the ESOTOURIC "Pasadena Confidential" tour today - a lot of fun, and a lot of gruesome Pasadena history. Highlights included a stop in front of Sirhan Sirhan's folks' house, the...

Krollhole is born!
20 photos
Eric couldn't figure out how to set up a Flickr account, so we went over to his place and I set up an account for him. There's always something interesting to see at Eric's....

Lillian's Walpurga Birthday
36 photos
Our pal Lillian is lucky enough to have her birthday on Walpurgisnacht, so we went out to the Little Cave to help her celebrate.

Heroes and Villains Show
5 photos
Photos by Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho, at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. April 22 and 23, 2008

So long, Ursa Major -
11 photos
Some friends of ours bought Wilt Chamberlain's URSA MAJOR estate and then spent years lovingly restoring it. True, the purple velvet, mirrored, rabbit fur waterbed-as-floor sex room is gone, but...

Key West 2008
155 photos
... and not a moment too soon. Another wonderful week in paradise. Official weight gain: 4.4 pounds, in spite of the hour-plus beach walk I did all but one of the days. It's the Food Olympics!

shootin' at stuff
16 photos
Looking for a place to shoot? How about heading to "A Place to Shoot" up in Angeles Crest National Forest? Today was clear and sunny and perfect for shooting at crap.

Carlos Ramos @ Corey Helford Gallery
10 photos
This is an amazing show. The works are big and shiny like candy, and Carlos has gone the extra mile to make it like a real museum, creating descriptive text to accompany the pieces. Some even have...

Palm Springs Valentine's Day 2008
19 photos
We decided at the last minute to run out to Palm Springs for Valentine's Day. Friends were staying at the Hotel Zoso so we met them there. On Wednesday it was 78 and sunny, and the next day we got...

Toledo Show
10 photos
I'm finally getting these out of the camera and up on Flickr. Used a cool setting that makes everyone look like a ghost - appropriate for this intense and haunting show.

I'm the Repo Man, Baby!
45 photos
Went down to rescue Neil's 33 phaeton parts from the guys who'd been "building" it for two years.

Dave Cooper's BENT Show
9 photos
Photos taken at the preview to the Dave Cooper BENT show at Billy Shire Fine Arts. Includes shots of the continuous loop painting being changed. Every 20 minutes the girls take the right-most...

Coco's Familia Saludable
8 photos
A strange and wonderful place - come for the Mexican medicines, stay for the crazy garage sale finds! Riverside and Fletcher in Silver Lake, between Sweet Lady Jane and the veterinarian -

Mystery Spot
11 photos
Photos snapped at the home of unnamed friends....

Paul&Jane Dinner 12/30/07
38 photos
A stupendous meal - Jane's labor intensive and awesome salad, Paul's fabada (spanish bean and sausage casserole), and a wonderful rice pudding with supremed oranges for dessert. I brought the...

Fresh & Easy Eagle Rock
8 photos
This is an amazing store - based in the UK they are opening a few of these around SoCal, and I'm thrilled to have this one so close to home. The place is big, clean, friendly, and well stocked. The...

JAKE Vintage
7 photos
This classic men's haberdashery just opened on Hollywood Blvd. near Vermont. The owner is a savvy devil who finds only the finest in vintage duds and offers them at very reasonable prices. Suits...

Naz Signing @ Book Soup 12/07
12 photos
Dave Naz had a cool bondage demo at (clothing optional) Book Soup to promote his new book. No nudity, but I did find out that's not out of the question. Good to know.

Mothersbaugh the Rug Man 11/07
39 photos
Mark Mothersbaugh's RUGS DURING WARTIME AND PEACETIME. These pics were shot at the opening at the Scion gallery space in Culver City. The show was amazing and is up November 17th - December 1st...

Willy & Amber 11/11/07
19 photos
Photos from Willy and Amber's amazing wedding. Too bad the lighting screwed with the camera settings.

SoCal Speed Shop Grand Opening 11/3/07
9 photos
Just a few snaps from the big party on Saturday. Great shop in a swell location.

Pop Killer Second, Little Tokyo
11 photos
This store is awesome - from Blythe dolls to the now-famous Interesting Gorilla Keychain, to all kinds of crazy clothes, shoes, bags and ski masks - well this is the place. 343 E. Second St in Little...

Sunset 10/28/07
12 photos
Yep, them fires sure do screw up a lot of stuff - but we also get sunsets like this.

Shag @ BSFA 9/14/07
18 photos
We had a great time at the preview to Shag's new show at BSFA in Culver City. Shag & Co. built an amazing little mid-century house right in the middle of the gallery and everyone had a great...

10 photos
I could only get a few shots - the staff kept pouncing. It's an utterly amazing show, though, and well worth seeing in person.

Jenny Bowls!
21 photos
Some shots from Jenny's birthday party at a great, unspoiled LA bowling alley. Tiny cupcakes and good times were had by all. Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Super King!
19 photos
This crazy, multi-ethnic grocery palace never fails to excite and amaze. Cherries that Gelsons sells for $7.99 are $1.99 here! New York steaks for $4.99 a pound??? Gelsons charges I think $21.99...

'65 Falcon Futura
15 photos
Still waiting for info on the wagon. Meanwhile, we need a car. Please to enjoy: the '65 Falcon Futura.

Off-Balcony Construction
12 photos
After almost a year of work stoppage, it looks like they may actually build that two-story house just past our balcony. Good times. They've been up and running every day for a couple of weeks now,...

Car Wreck 5/6/07
20 photos
In case you'd like to follow along, here are pictures from the wreck that happened on 5/6/07.

Around the House
99 photos
Well I finally broke down and paid Flickr for usage so as soon as they process the payment I will be able to break free from my Just Three photo albums prison. This one will still be for all the...

114 photos
Our cars, not our cars, parts of cars - you get the idea.

Key West 2007
79 photos
Shots from our trip to the most wonderful place on earth (next to home of course): Key West, Florida.

Superball 8!
74 photos
Joel and Jim Hodgson are known for their amazing World's Fair-esque parties called SUPERBALL. They haven't had one in five years, but it felt like just yesterday to me. This year's was pretty...