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Due to popular demand, I am sharing my technique using the reverse lens - one hand macroshoot method and the KFC Flash Diffuser + Nikon SB 400.

-This short video shows that you can come up with a STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA (SOOC) macro with the reversed 18-55mm kit lens, and also... how to spot and handle bugs for a photo shoot using this set-up.

(no bugs were harmed during the filming of this video)

Taken during the 3rd Pinoy Macro EB/BS - Makiling Botanic Gardens Los Banos, Laguna
July 25-26, 2009

thanks to Mr. Scruff for the "Kalimba" musical scoring.

Tags:   diyflashdiffuser diykfcflashdiffuser kfcdiffuser kentuckyfriedchickenplasticbucketlid macrophotography macro onehandmacroshootmethod reverselens reverselensadapter rundstedtbrovillos