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User / Scott Robertson (Roksoff) / Loch Leven sun burst from The Ring of Steall
Scott Robertson / 461 items
Tackled the mighty infamous Ring of Steall yesterday.
Not a particularly long walk at 10 miles but a technical and gruelling day with a few skinny ridges to navigate and about 6000 vertical ascent.
This is taken from Am Bodach (The Old Man), the third Munro out of four for the day looking towards Loch Leven with the mountains of Glencoe in the background. You get particularly good views of The Aonach Eagach Ridge which will wait for another day.

This picture is very much work in progress as there's aspects of it I'm not happy with like the shadows or processing in general so is likely to change over the next few days...lol
Thanks for looking.
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  • Taken: Oct 21, 2012
  • Uploaded: Oct 22, 2012
  • Updated: Jan 1, 2020