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Roger Daigle / 103 items

Summerstown Trails
16 photos

Iroquois Ontario
2 photos

Canon G10
16 photos

Fisheye Fun
29 photos
These images are taken with a Rokinon 8mm 3.5 CSII fisheye

Ovation Guitar
1 photo

Farm Life
41 photos

Cornwall Bike Path
34 photos

Nikon AF 50 1.4D
17 photos
Sweet Nifty Fifty!

Covid 19
2 photos

In The Sky
17 photos

Still Life
7 photos

Charleston Lake
34 photos
Amazing park!

Bluenose II
23 photos
A Canadian icon based out of Lunenburg Nova Scotia. These were taken in my hometown of Cornwall Ontario on the banks of the St. Lawrence river.

62 photos

Saw-Whet Owls
4 photos

Barred Owls
25 photos

17 photos

54 photos
A collection of photographs that have been chosen and featured "In Explore"

Merrickville Ontario
20 photos
A great place to visit on the Rideau river canal system...wonderful architecture...restaurants...arts and history!

12 photos

262 photos
Recently got into kayaking and love it!

Reflex-Nikkor 500mm f/8 Mirror Lens
14 photos

Nikon AF-S 200-500 5.6E ED
49 photos

11 photos

Nikon D7100
38 photos

Great Horned Owls
6 photos

Eastern Screech Owl
2 photos

Northern Hawk Owl
5 photos

AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm 2.8G ED
10 photos
All things captured with this amazing lens!

Wightman Sugar Bush
26 photos
Maple sugar time!

Wolfe Island
3 photos

63 photos

Martintown Ontario
3 photos
A beautiful village on the banks of the Raisin river

7 photos

Cool Vehicles!
92 photos
In a sea of boring vehicles there are some truly amazing ones...legendary performance history and style all come together and we think....OH I WISH!!!

Lemoine Point Conservation Area
9 photos
A conservation area on the shores of Lake Ontario at Collins Bay...Kingston Ontario

Amherst Island
33 photos
A beautiful island west of Kingston Ontario

Kingston Ontario
11 photos

Algonquin Park
31 photos

Great Gray Owls
57 photos, 1 video
What magnificent raptors!!! The subject of baiting rages on...so I say "Don't bait...just WAIT!"

SDG Backroads
113 photos
A collection of rural scenes of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry counties in Eastern Ontario Canada

Glengarry Trails
7 photos
Amazing trail system near Alexandria Ontario

Star Photos
12 photos

Williamstown Fair
63 photos
The oldest fair in Canada...205 years! The tug of war competition is a favourite!

Morrisburg Ontario
12 photos

29 photos

30 photos
Everything that Floats!

Brockville Ontario
21 photos
Beautiful Brockville!

Glengarry Pioneer Museum
1 photo
A great museum of early life in Glengarry County Dunvegan Ontario

Cornwall Bikepath
14 photos
A great place to ride a bike or walk and take photographs! The path follows along the shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Perth Ontario
12 photos

Seaway Valley
278 photos

The Higginson Round Barn
27 photos
The round barn was built in 1893 by Thomas Tweed Higginson and was a originally used for dairy. It is situated south of Hawkesbury Ontario.

Cornwall Ontario
278 photos
This album contains anything photographed within the city of Cornwall Ontario...enjoy the tour!

Street Scenes
18 photos

38 photos

83 photos

Odds and Ends
30 photos

Lampson Falls NY
18 photos

Adirondack State Park NY
70 photos

Table Top Photos
95 photos

196 photos

14 photos

Aaron and Jazmine Get Married!
74 photos
June 12, 2015 Claramont Inn Picton ON

Mer Bleue
37 photos

Raisin River Canoe Race 2015
98 photos
Perfect conditions brought a huge turnout for the race from St. Andrews to Williamstown ON April 15 2015

Parc Omega
151 photos
Montebello Quebec

30 photos

Vintage Cameras
40 photos
Don't you just love the look, sounds and feel of days gone by!

Canon AT-1
9 photos
fully manual 35mm camera

133 photos
All things snow

Seaway Bridge
39 photos

Gatineau Park
54 photos

195 photos

Grand Manan NB
373 photos
Grand Manan is a Bay of Fundy jewel!

Cool Cars
49 photos

Cooper Marsh
49 photos

249 photos

Raisin River Canoe Race 2014
42 photos
This is the 42nd annual race on the Raisin River beginning in St. Andrews ON and finishing 35kms later in Williamstown ON.

Snowy Owls
208 photos

Farms & Barns
239 photos

Creatures Big and Small
260 photos
Everything wild and not so wild

58 photos

418 photos

Old Trucks/Cars Colour Set
64 photos

Old Trucks/Cars B&W
14 photos

Mud Lake
150 photos
Ottawa Ontario

252 photos

Upper Canada Village
207 photos
On the banks of the St. Lawrence River near Morrisburg Ontario...UCV faithfully reproduces life in Upper Canada around the 1860's. Many of the buildings were relocated here before the flood of 1958...

Lakeview Marsh
102 photos

Mer Bleue X Country Ski Trails
14 photos

Summerstown X Country Ski Trails
36 photos

Christmas Album
48 photos

Long Sault Parkway
284 photos

Fall 2012
48 photos

Noonmark/Round Mt. Hike
62 photos

Old Orchard Beach Maine 2012 Trip
12 photos

Grand Manan NB
108 photos
A beautiful island in the Bay of Fundy

St. Lawrence River
435 photos
My hometown of Cornwall Ontario is on the banks of St. Lawrence river

Adirondack Mountain Hiking
90 photos

266 photos

355 photos

For the Birds
2142 photos