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Robert Widdowson / 39 items

germany 2017
18 photos

Thames Path
472 photos

Birds 2017
38 photos

47 photos

Iceland 2016
89 photos

Birds 2016
103 photos

Birds 2015
221 photos
Birds I have captured in the year 2015

933 photos

75 photos

Birds 2013
36 photos
an attempt to photograph as many different bird species in 2013 as i can manage

my ten 2012 faves
10 photos

52 photos
land of awsomeness and the hardcore

birds i have photographed
511 photos

93 photos
a set of photos depicting oxford

27 photos
steel city rules

8 quid macro
78 photos
A collection of photos created using my 55-250 efs lens attached to my extension tubes that cost 8 pounds with a canon eos 450d... poverty spec macro (for patient people)...

light tricks for real yo...
5 photos
experimentation with light sources creating geometric patterns of great mathematical complexity which makes you wonder about time and physics and things.......

sunsets '09
33 photos

dogs posters sinks tamborine people.
18 photos
an afternoon in our lifes was filled this way..

experiments with jumping
18 photos
jumping is cool lets face it!

21 photos
my trip to amsterdam to confer science and then to enjoy liberty

143 photos
With little exception the peak district is manmade: quarries, mills, mining, grazing, deforestation and agriculture - what i love is how over centuries this has reached a beautiful harmony where man...

2 photos

footlecock / goodminton
154 photos
First attempts at action photography with my XSi rebel. Footlecock is a great game we invented with some elaborate but documented rules. Rule 1: no virgins..

Wad's cat
11 photos
rescued from streets of shef i quite like this cat but generally im more a dog person..

Wad's cat
4 photos
rescued from streets of shef i quite like this cat but generally im more a dog person..

driving, mooning and birds.
36 photos
see title...

fires we have had many
255 photos

linacre spring shots
37 photos
went out to get the bluebells but the oil seed is good too - terrible hangover so some dodgy shots

easter 2007
71 photos

33 photos
some acceptable shots of me and some where i should know better.

the lake district
8 photos
wad drove all night. got there at 4am. went up scafell, came home.

66 photos
our amateur caving days may well be over now but here is one of our numerous underequipped and dangerous trips into the limestone caves and mines or stoney middleton.

mixed up photos
133 photos

climbing and stuff
86 photos
various climbing trips and views.

perpetual garden safari
318 photos
our garden is great for avoiding real work and having fun with the camera instead: you always find somthing new and its always changing...

last day at work
28 photos

peak bike ride
25 photos

MSc lab projects
34 photos