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Milne Bay Province PNG
223 photos
Images from our cruising aroung the Milne Bay Province in 2016. A wonderful adventure.

Cruising The Edge.
2643 photos
www.cruisingtheedge.com Explore, dive, photograph, fish and decompress around Australias far nothern Great Barrier Reef, the Coral Sea, and SE PNG.

Road trips 2015
158 photos

2 photos
private images

201 photos
The Australian Outback is often described as "back of Burke"; so I am using that as one indicator but to me anywhere in the interior that is remote and colourful fits into this set.

101 photos, 1 video
2013 visit to Sabah Borneo

N.E. Torres Strait.
5 photos, 1 video
Exploring and diving the rugged and isolated N.E. section of Torres Strait between Australia and P.N.G. Our cruising boat blog is flashdanceradventure.blogspot.com.au shows our stories of cruising...

24 photos

Robs Fav. Pixs
165 photos
Here's my pixs that like best. Some because they look great and others because i relate to the wonderful location or adventure behind them.

Rocky Mountains
94 photos
My photo impressions of a hiking and siight seeing trip from Whitefish Valley Montana to Jasper in Canada

Family pics
48 photos
These are our family pics & are available to be seen only by those marked Family under my FLIKR contacts.

General scenes & portraits
371 photos
This set comprise scenes unrelated to my boating and diving but may be of interest especialy to contacts marked friends and family

Video story gbr 2009
1 photo, 1 video
Cruise dive fishing on our 7-8 months cruising 2009

robs fav dive pics
228 photos

Robs dive pics
1325 photos
Diving.... mostly nth Qld to PNG

Robs boating, fishing and cruisy pics
1316 photos
North East coast of Australia

Our Camera Stuff.
10 photos
Photography captures those magic cruising moments and is also one more reason to go diving. * Nikon D90 DSLR in Nexus housing , Inon Z240 Srobes & Inon ML float arms. Using Tokina 10-17 fish...

Our boat.
24 photos
Light Weight 46 power cat. Derived from the successfull Lightwave 45 sailing Cat. It has bulbs added to the bow for additional flotation and wave dampening. An extended and fattened stern to take the...

Diving equipment stuff.
4 photos
Diving has become a terrific hoby to go with our cruising. * 3 x 125cf & 1 X 63cf tanks filled with Bauer Jnr Fill compressor. * Airline Hookah puts 2 divers down to 20 meters & can be...

Video photostory gbr 2008
1 video
Cruise, dive & fishing during our 7-8 months on our boat in 2008

Video Photo Story PNG dive trip 2009
1 video
photo story of our 10 day trip to Walidi resort , kimbe bay, new britian PNG in march 2009