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User / Paul Anthony Moore / Dusk over the Hudson River
Paul Anthony Moore / 12,570 items
7-image panorama taken from Hudson in Upstate New York.

The Hudson River is 507 km long and begins at Henderson Lake in Newcomb, upstate New York. It flows southward past Albany, the state capital, and eventually forms the boundary between New York City and New Jersey before emptying into Upper New York Bay.

The city of Hudson has a population of approx. 6,700 and is located about 160 km north of New York City.

Both the river and the city are named after the explorer Henry Hudson (1565-1611).

The train line runs from New York to Canada.

The mountains in the background are the Catskills. They cover an area of 15,259 km2.
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  • Taken: Apr 13, 2013
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