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User / Paul Anthony Moore / City Foundry, 365 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
Paul Anthony Moore / 10,919 items
Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn is a well-known home décor lover's heaven. Dozens of antique and home furnishings shops are sprinkled along this busy thoroughfare, particularly between Hoyt and Bond Streets.

Stepping into City Foundry is like climbing into a treasure-filled attic. The air has a hint of mustiness in it and hazy sunlight peeks between the tables, chairs, clocks and lamps stacked high to meet the signs and lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling. Prepare to wind single-file through the two-room shop, stepping aside often to let other customers pass. Owner Sohrab Bakhshi characterizes his items as "whimsical and eclectic," asserting that there is nothing new for sale; everything is from the turn of the century to mid-century. Browsing can be overwhelming, but arrive with some specific wants and Bakhshi will be more than happy to help in your search. Also, if a customer requests, he will assemble components from different items to make a new, unique piece.

Courtesy of Carroll Gardens Patch: carrollgardens.patch.com/articles/treasure-need-not-be-ha...
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  • Taken: Jul 30, 2012
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