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User / Paul Anthony Moore / Brass dedicated to Anthony Daston in St Eadburgha's Church, Broadway, Worcestershire
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Anthony Daston of Dumbleton was the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire. He married Ann Sheldon of Broadway Court and their combined properties made them the largest landowners in Broadway. Broadway Court was demolished in 1773, but the Daston crest - a reindeer's head pierced through the neck by an arrow - is still visible over the gatehouse door. Anthony Daston died in 1572 and was buried in St Eadburgha's Church at Broadway. The Latin transcript on the brass says:

Here lies buried the body of Anthony Daston: he loved the world but now scorns its joys.
If ever there was a wise and faithful friend, that friend was Daston, who lies shut within the tomb you see.
A worthy squire, sprung of an ancient line, he withstood the fray yet was a zealous lover of peace.
Of his riches he gave aid, while he lived, to men in need; of goodwill to all, he was gentle and kindly.
Six and sixty years - no long span - he lived; his spirit in Christ now tastes the joys of Heaven
He died July 19th A.D. 1572
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