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User / Paul Anthony Moore / Church of St Lawrence the Martyr, Godmersham, Kent, England
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Godmersham is a village located on the Great Stour river midway between Ashford and Canterbury in a delegated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The ancient parish church (see photos) is dedicated to St Lawrence the Martyr. It is part Saxon, part 12th-century (Norman), and was restored in 1864. It contains a carving considered to be one of the earliest representations of Thomas Becket (see photo).

Godmersham Park House was built in 1732 and eventually became the property of Edward Knight, brother of Jane Austen. Her novel Pride and Prejudice is said to depict characters and scenes from the village.

The first known record of Godmersham was AD824 when Beornwulf, King of Mercia, gave Godmersham to Wulfred, Archbishop of Canterbury. The village is also recorded in the Domesday Book.
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