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User / Paul Anthony Moore / Salmestone Grange, Margate, Kent, England
Paul Anthony Moore / 11,631 items
Cloister windows (with medieval masons' symbols and other ancient graffiti).

Salmestone Grange is one of the best preserved and most interesting examples of monastic granges in Europe.

Set in beautiful, tranquil surroundings to the west of Margate in Kent, Salmestone Grange is steeped in history and is one of the region's oldest inhabited buildings.

Between 1290 and 1400, Salmestone Grange served as a rural retreat for the abbot and monks of St. Augustine's Abbey in Canterbury.

When St. Augustine's Abbey was closed in 1538, the Thanet estates, including Salmestone Grange, passed into the hands of the Crown, and then, in 1559, to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, who kept them until 1886. In 1936 the then owner, Major H.S. Hatfield, presented the house, chapel and surrounding land to the modern Benedictine Abbey of St. Augustine at Ramsgate, which began restoration of the buildings. In 1950, the Grange was taken over by the Canonesses of St. Augustine who, in turn, sold it to the present owner, William Whelan, in 1984. Mr Whelan resides in the Grange, so viewing is by appointment.

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