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User / Paul Anthony Moore / All Saints Church, Graveney, Kent, England
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The entrance to the church is a 14th century wooden door with an escutcheon, original nails and beautiful ironwork. An escutcheon is a term for an item of door furniture which, in this case, is a keyhole or lock cylinder. Escutcheons help to protect a lock cylinder from drilling or snapping, and the surrounding area from wear.

The door is secured from the inside by an original stout beam of wood which is then wedged firmly in place.

In 811, Canulph, King of Mercia, who had also made a successful take over bid for the Kingdom of Kent, sold Graveney Manor to Wilfred, Archbishop of Canterbury for the use of Christ Church, Canterbury.

The Domesday Survey records the manor as being ‘ Terre militum Archieni’ (land held of the Archbishop by knights service) and tenanted by the de Gravene family.

All Saints Church in the small village of Graveney, near Faversham in Kent, is a wonderful medieval church. The church remains almost unaltered from its original design with large amounts of original masonry and timberwork still in place from its construction, believed to be in the 12th Century.
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