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Snow Squalls Feb 2020
6 photos

Cody + Casey
6 photos

Sunroom Reno 2019
73 photos, 1 video

Port Elgin and Back
8 photos
Short road trip, Oct 10, 2018

Lion's Head Lighthouse
16 photos
Both real and replica

Fishing Islands Boat Tour
10 photos
Bruce Peninsula Boat Tours, Oliphant, Ontario, Canada

Inglis Falls June '17
10 photos
A brief outing to visit Inglis Falls, including a walk through the woods to the historic water filtration plant.

Big Bay Keppel Croft 5/17
9 photos
Day Trip on a Sunny Day

6 photos

Darkroom Tricks
39 photos
Scans of prints resulting from darkroom funny business

Darkroom No Tricks
23 photos
Straight prints from my darkroom days, no funny business. (Except in-camera stuff)

Flashlight Spirograph
6 photos
In which a small flashlight, its lens covered except for a small hole, is suspended from the ceiling in a fully dark room, and set to spinning, while a camera with open aperture and coloured filters...

New Fence 2016
14 photos
Selected cellphone shots to document fence project.

1988 Killarney
7 photos
new scans

14 photos
Created with Prisma app, get it at prisma-ia.com and waste a whole day like I did.

Ice Storm March 24, 2016
7 photos

Art Banner?
2 photos

Canoeing Sept.2 2015
11 photos
A jaunt up, down, and back up the Pottawatomi River in Owen Sound.

Of Dogs and Frogs
12 photos
Nikki, the Bernese Mountain Dog, is visiting again for a few days.

Dog Show 2015
12 photos
Grey Bruce Kennel and Obedience Club (GBKOC) Dog Show, Harrison Park, Owen Sound, August 6, 2015

Purple Puffballs (Alium) and Bees 2015
7 photos
The purple puffballs are in bloom, and the bees are LOVING them!

Stripey Pen
17 photos
Just for fun, documenting the steps involved in making a stripey twist pen.

Mother's Day Birdies 2015
8 photos

Chi-Cheemaun Cruise
16 photos
On May 4, 2015, Lynda and I went on a "repositioning cruise" from Owen Sound north up the Bruce Peninsula to Tobermory, where the ferry starts normal service to Manitoulin Island tomorrow...

8 photos
Lining the Pond - September 2014

Flowers July 2014
10 photos

Inventory Dec 2013
1 photo

21 photos
On May 25, 2013, we adopted a greyhound named Cody (race name Cactus Gold).

10 photos
shot on film, scanned to CD by photofinisher at time of processing

Southhampton + Wesley Church May 3, 2013
8 photos

Ice Storm, April 12, 2013
9 photos
So much for global warming , am I right, har har har har har har... SLAP! Thanks, I needed that.

Woodturning - other
43 photos

Woodturning - Bowls
23 photos

Winter 2013
9 photos

Fall Colours Driveabout
19 photos
All photos in this set taken Oct. 6, 2012 in the general area of Owen Sound, Ontario (Canada).

Dragon Boat
7 photos
Owen Sound Tuesday Night Dragon Boat Team Maiden Voyage - May 15, 2012

Bruce Peninsula May 2012
16 photos
Went on a day trip today to check up on our little cabin up on the Bruce Peninsula. It was not much worse for wear. So I motored and/or hiked around the area and took some pictures.

By Moonlight
7 photos
April 5, 2012 - Photos taken around our backyard and garden, by the light of the moon.

Night Sky
45 photos, 3 videos

Schrodinger's Jewelry Box
3 photos
Temporary, private photo set, just to record work in progress

Pepper-Spraying Dickwads
5 photos

Ghosts of Leaves
7 photos
Leaves may fall. They may die. But sometimes they seem reluctant to give up the ghost entirely.

Sunset Cruise, Tobermory, Aug.15, 2011
10 photos

Flowerpot Island Cruise ( 11-Aug-2011)
15 photos
A tour of Fathom Five National Marine Park, including photos of Little Tub and Big Tub harbours, Cove Island, and Flowerpot Island. Tobermory, Ontario, Canada, August 11, 2011.

Garden Blooms - June 27, 2011
8 photos

Jones Falls Mini-hike
11 photos
April 23, 2011

6 photos
Items related to my album called Gravitas. www.rgdaniel.com/gravitas/

House and Tree
5 photos

Van der Graaf Generator 1976
5 photos
October 15, 1976, Massey Hall, Toronto

Photoshop Kung Fu
9 photos

3 photos

56 photos

Woodturning - Pens
86 photos

Wine Stoppers
10 photos

30 photos

Woodworking - Outdoor Projects
68 photos

Woodworking - misc.
54 photos, 1 video

My Most Interesting 100
100 photos
Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 9th January 2018 at 7:56am UTC

20 photos
Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 9th January 2018 at 11:03am UTC

Explore top 100
52 photos
These made it into the top 100 photos in Explore, some even stayed there for a while -- a few may actually still be there... B-)

Explore top 500
154 photos, 1 video
These photos have at various times been found in Explore. Not always for very long, and definitely not all at once, but they got there !!

Misc Concert
48 photos

Jethro Tull 2007
13 photos
Sat. Nov. 24, 2007, Massey Hall, Toronto

Peter Hammill 1981
7 photos
El Mocambo Tavern, Toronto

Iron Butterfly 1969
7 photos
Massey Hall, Toronto

Tel Quel
21 photos
Electronic music performance by Tel Quel, Owen Sound, Aug. 11, 2007

Danse Macabre
9 photos
Halloween Show by Tel Quel,

Demotivational Posters
7 photos
Created from my own photos and captions, in the now-famous motivational poster style.

Toronto Zoo 2009
6 photos

Watch the Birdy
329 photos, 2 videos

225 photos, 2 videos

15 photos
March 2006, Janine and Doug's Bernese Mountain Dog

11 photos

Strictly Fauna
63 photos

Galapagos Islands (redux)
14 photos
Revisiting my Galapagos Islands pics, a little additional Photoshop cleanup, noise reduction, perhaps cropping, whatever needs doing. Nothing tricky though.

Misty Mountain Hop (redux)
18 photos
A revisiting of selected photos from our 2003 trip to Alberta and British Columbia.

Garage Renovation
7 photos, 1 video
April 2009, we finally get underway with the project to build an extension onto the side of the garage, to serve as a small workshop. The project was in limbo for almost a year, due to a series of...

16 photos
These are recent scans of old Black and White prints that were hand-coloured using Marshall's Photo Oils, which are translucent oil paints specifically made for this process.

Electric Eclectics 2008
7 photos

2 photos

Experimental / Abstract
39 photos

3 photos
Exercises in reduced colour palette

Genetic Memories
8 photos
Crappy photos with pretentious titles

4 photos
Fun with the Polar Coordinates filter in Photoshop. More info: www.flickr.com/groups/createyourownplanets/

16 photos

Bruce Peninsula
108 photos
Most of these are from July 9 2006, with a few older ones towards the end of the set.

6 photos

New Scans of Old Prints
151 photos

New Scans of Old Slides
144 photos
My "Au Naturel" series -- scans from slides 1985 - 1988

CD Cover Meme
3 photos

82 photos
pictures featuring the greatness of me

Around Owen Sound
78 photos

Creemore and Cameron
4 photos
New Lady Amherst Pheasant chicks, hatched June 27th, 2008. Our friend Emma suggested the names, carrying the "C" theme from proud parents Corny and Cornelia, and also referencing two local...

1 photo, 15 videos

Photo Face-Off Gold/Silver
91 photos

Strictly Flora
50 photos

Beautiful as the Moon
11 photos

Timberrr !!! (pictures of trees)
45 photos

Top 20 of 2006
21 photos
My selection of my best or most successful photos of 2006. Fourteen were taken during 2006, the other six were newly uploaded in 2006 after significant reworking of an earlier version. These are...

The Dim and Distant Past
23 photos
Plundering the old snapshot albums.

Photoshop Fun
71 photos

10 photos
objects scanned directly on the flatbed scanner

12 photos
February 2007

36 photos

My Unsung Faves
55 photos
Personal favourites that haven't had much activity.

Toronto Zoo 2006
26 photos
A "backstage pass" allowed me to get up close and personal with these wonderful birds (and a couple of other critters). Thanks Claire !!

cottage 2006
7 photos

Cottage 2005
42 photos

Around the House
354 photos, 5 videos

Cabin Fever
10 photos
Taken inside our very small (8x12) cabin in the woods, just me and the dog, by the light of the Coleman lantern only, and with deliberately long exposures and lots of movement of either the camera or...

Killarney May 1999
12 photos

Galapagos May 2000
225 photos
More info about this trip at www.rgdaniel.com/galapagos/

Galapagos Nine
10 photos
for mosaic

Misty Mountain Hop
218 photos
Our trip to the Rockies, and points west, September 2003. More info at www.rgdaniel.com/mountains

Honeymoon (July 2002)
81 photos
Blue Mountain Lodge, Bell Lake, Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario Canada. (And points nearby)

Al Gore on TV
9 photos

Opeongo Trip, August 2005
4 photos

14 photos

15 photos
Our Bruce Peninsula getaway.

4 photos
Fun with Photoshop.

6 photos
March 2003, before we got the attic properly insulated and vapour barrier'd

Not part of a set
27 photos

10 photos

Other people's photos
14 photos

GV2 LV etc
5 photos