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User / rgdaniel / "Lionfish" by dachalan - Unauthorized Redux
R.G. Daniel / 3,058 items
Sometimes I see a photo that I just know I want to work on, and having no impulse control, I just went ahead and did it. Also, dachalan is a friendly fellow, most of the time, so I hope he won't mind...

In Photoshop, I applied some noise reduction using Noise Ninja, some selective blurring and burning-in of the background to help the fish stand out more, some selective dodging of the fish, same reason, and boosted the saturation for the warm tones only, a little overall warming filter. Oh and I darkened his eye a bit to correct for flash, probably. Think that's it.
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  • Taken: Apr 9, 2007
  • Uploaded: Jul 3, 2007
  • Updated: Aug 7, 2007