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User / Raymond Lee Photography / Prairie Falcon Diving
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Alberta Terminals Ltd., Edmonton, AB, Canada.
7D2 | 300/2.8L + 2x | 1/2000 sec., f/7.1, ISO 800; handheld.

I had an opportunity to test out the AF system of 7D Mark II with the falcons at the grain terminal. We had a Prairie, an Eagle, a Merlin, then a Gyr that day. The AF of 7D2 was remarkably fast and responsive, making flight captures a piece of cake for everyone; you just have to adjust the proper exposure settings, aim/track and press the shutter! When the lighting is good, I always start my ISO at 640 at a certain shutterspeed and aperture on the original 7D and 800 when the light starting to fade. With the Mark II, I am not afraid to start my ISO at 800 or even 1000 or 1250 to raise the shutterspeed to freeze fast actions. The image above was shot at ISO 800 and the noise level looks equivalent to ISO 400 on the original 7D, and the details hold up pretty well. On the other hand, I find 7D2's dynamic range is equivalent or just slightly better than the original 7D. For photos that require a broad dynamic range, I prefer to use my 5D2 anyway.

I will post more photos that I shot at the grain terminal with the 7D2 later as I try to upload various of photos these days.

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  • Taken: Dec 3, 2014
  • Uploaded: Dec 8, 2014
  • Updated: Aug 21, 2015