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Pfatter is a small village near Regensburg, which is surrounded by several natural reserves. The Pfatterer Au is a 359-hectare nature reserve located north of Pfatter and south of the Danube. The nature reserve includes meadows in the river valley, old Danube waters with siltation areas and floodplain vegetation. It is also a resting, breeding and wintering area for rare bird species such as the curlew, which has its only breeding occurrence in the district of Regensburg.

However, the development of the Danube reduced the flow dynamics of the river, which had a negative impact on the floodplain areas. I observed that shipping traffic disturbs the animals. To the north of the Danube is the Stöcklwörth nature reserve, to the east is the Gmünder Au nature reserve.

Adapted from Wikipedia.
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