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eric volpe / 15 items

old film rescue
6 photos
Film found in an old camera, taken probably 1950

11 photos
Always wanted to play with a giant 6x9cm rangefinder, found a beat up old Fuji GL690 cheap. It's definitely a different way of working!

Defective Rerachrome Jan 2019
9 photos
Got a bad batch of color transparency film.

1 photo

4 photos
a series of tubes

jupiter 8
3 photos
beat up jupiter-8 lens from an old soviet Zorki (leica clone) rangefinder.

sony a7ii
53 photos
trying to see if I can do my usual kind of stuff with this camera

presidio june 2018
14 photos
Some black and white stuff from the Presidio in San Francisco.

raccoon family
8 photos, 1 video

10 photos
other things

burning man
5 photos

15 photos

52 photos
1951 rolleiflex full size 1938 "baby" rolleiflex 4x4

baby rolleiflex
63 photos
A miniature Rolleiflex from 1938, using 127 format film.

old family photos
12 photos