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Peter Whitfield / 1 item

N 18 B 1.3K C 18 E Sep 12, 2017 F Oct 20, 2017
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Niagara Falls.

I reckon well over a 100,000 images of Niagara Falls are taken every day. So what chance has a tourist on holiday, complete with family in tow, got of producing a crackingly original photo?

Well not much obviously. But of the ones I took this is one of the more interesting and, hey, it was fun trying to make something of it (and it was my first visit to Canada too :) ).

What really impressed me about the Falls was not their height or their width but simply the amount of the aqueous stuff plummeting over the edge - really quite scary. And that's what I was hoping to show...

The title comes from the name of the curve the water forms as it drops and because of the height and the side view you can see it quite clearly! (Lurking physicist reveals himself!)

Thanks for taking time to look. I really appreciate that and hope you enjoy the image :)

[Handheld on Little Ickle camera, from a boat no less. Processed entirely in Affinity Photo: colour enhance; Haze filter (very effective), Denoise, even more Denoise (Little Ickle camera's weak spot); a bit of Topaz Clarity... ]

PS for some reason the GPS thinks it's in Kazhakstan lol.

Tags:   flow spray blue power falls waterfall water deluge natural world Niagara wonder force geometry parabola