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N 33 B 1.5K C 12 E Jan 6, 2017 F Jan 6, 2017
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Hoarfrost on a fence post.
I spotted this in my garden and loved the abstract concentric rings caused by frost on the annual rings of the wood post.
Thanks for looking - critical comments always welcome!

Tags:   grey concentric macro Ice Crown hoarfrost depth of field circles frost close-up abstract white crown ice cold

N 201 B 47.5K C 58 E Apr 21, 2017 F Apr 23, 2017
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Glitter sticks from a moving camera.

Well this was fun. Having looked at Janet Towbin’s useful examples for the Intentional Blur theme for the Macro Mondays group I decided to try creating the rotational tunnel effect image style. But how do you do it in a moving macro? And so the challenges began! And what fun they were.

The first problem with this sort of image is that I needed to get the subject rotating around the axis of the lens, and with a fair degree (sorry – unintentional pun, lol) of turning. Being confident of a low chance of success I also wanted a process which as repeatable as possible so I could experiment. I decided to use the moving camera approach. But that created its own problems too.

This image was done with Little-Ickle camera on its back in the centre of my HiFi deck. Speed was set to Long Play (aka 33 1/3 rpm for those not currently imbued with ancient wisdom). Singles speed (45 rpm) would have probably been better as you can see from this shot – it would have achieved a more complete arc for the slowest shutter speed that Little-Ickle could cope with under these conditions – around 1 second. (But the camera might have fallen over ;) ). This camera had the advantages that it was light enough not to damage the deck and could focus relatively closely so I didn’t have to stand on a ladder.

How to trigger the shutter on a spinning camera and review the results? Well Little-Ickle solved this too: just connect to Wi-Fi and trigger and review from a tablet app! Woohoo: it worked surprisingly well :)

Next the subject. Something small with highlights and bright colours. So I used cocktail glitter sticks (the ones that look like witch’s broom but with tinsel strips rather than twigs). They came in bright colours – green, blue and magenta are used in this shot. I found it best to hold the sticks horizontally and to keep them still (twizzling them created lots of dots rather than concentric stripes). The total subject size across this image is, I guess, between 2 and 3 inches. I was trying to get it within the guidelines by keeping the sticks close to the lens. Little-Ickle, poor challenged thing, tried manfully with autofocus and did surprisingly well though clearly (sorry again!) there was a lot of focus blur on some parts.

Lighting was solved by using a table lamp with a clear bulb to provide sharp highlights. There was a fair bit of ambient daylight around too so I used a black cloth over everything including me. Just glad the neighbours didn’t look in the window…

In all I took 175 shots and could have happily gone on. About 50% were total rejects and the rest had some merit. About 15% were suitable for straightforward processing. They were very varied and all said something different. This shot is one of the more colourful ones and is in a group which look like alien eyes because they have a sort of shine in them, I know not why. I may publish some of the others if there is any interest.

Processing was straightforward: just emphasised the colours and contrast, reducing the black point to deal with the ambient light (all simple slider stuff in LR). Little-Ickle creates quite a bit of noise at this shutter speed (look at the image enlarged) so I tried to tone it down a little causing some minor softening, but in every other respect the blurring of the image was totally in camera.

Thank you so much for looking and reading (award yourself a Smartie for endurance if you’ve got this far lol).

[Processed in LR with slight colour/contrast boost in Topaz Adjust.]

PS I have published some of the others in the Alien Ocular Set album.

Tags:   watching symmetircal tunnel abstract circular jitter intriguing circle magenta blue ocular bright colours iris eye alien watcher shine Blur Intentional Blur Macro Mondays

N 29 B 1.4K C 12 E Oct 17, 2019 F Oct 17, 2019
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Newport Beach, Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

The wet, wild, riled seas off a Welsh beach last November.

I was messing about with ICMs that day. I kind of liked this one - it seemed to sum up the feeling of the moment.

I guess it’s a sort of minimalist abstract again. But I like it and it was fun to bring together. I guess I was heading for the kind of modern painting I’ve seen hanging around some galleries.

The starting image was only about half the story. The rest was some fun messing about with Nik Color Efex. Now that’s a fun playpen of toys to mess around with! I must play a bit more because there is some good, useful stuff there.

This is a combination of five of the filters: Colour Contrast Range; Contrast Only; Film Efex: Faded (which made the strongest contribution to the end result, including the grain); Pro Contrast; and Graduated Filters.

The initial development was done with DXO Photolab 2 including straightening the horizon (!). In Affinity Photo, I tidied it up the Nik result a bit with Inpainting (context fill equivalent) though I should have done that before. A slight dark vignette which helped focus the image.

I played with the crop and tried using the Golden Spiral as a guide (if, strangely, you want to know more about where I was going on that search Golden Spiral on Wikipedia) but in the end for this picture I decided placing the apex of the beach triangle on the bottom right thirds intersection worked better (more beach!).

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy this bit of not very much, whatever it is :)

Tags:   beach bleak November rain sand storm waves weather wind Newport Beach abstract ICM minimalist Nik Color Efex dsc-rx100m5 Pembrokeshire

N 71 B 3.1K C 21 E Jan 23, 2020 F Mar 26, 2020
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Foggy tree.

This is a spin ICM taken on a foggy afternoon in January, on one of my local walks.

I was aiming for a kind of abstracty look, or the tree which ever you prefer :)

Andrew Haysom's excellent spreadsheet tells me that I am currenly 13.29 images behind on my 100x Monochrome & Toned image challenge, so I had better get my skates on (incidentally that's also good for ICMs).

I've just been away for a couple of weeks visiting my daughter, during which the world did a somersault. So I am now hoping to catch up a bit.

Hope you are keeping well and avoiding the news broadcasts (good for our mental health I think). Take good care of yourself my friend!

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image! Happy Thursday Monochrome :)

[Handheld in murk which may have been daylight but didn't look like it. ICM spinning around the camera's lens axis
Developed from the raw file in Photolab 3.
Processed in Silver Efex going for a dark and moody look. Added a control point to the centre to increase contrast and brightness.
Dark vignette.
Toned in a Selenium look. Added film grain based on Kodak 400Max film type preset.]

Tags:   dsc-rx100m5 100 x: The 2020 Edition 100x:2020 B&W black and white branches Donnerstagsmonochrom fog ICM Image 11/100 intentional camera movement Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 rotation spin Thursday Monochrome tree

N 28 B 302 C 15 E Jun 25, 2020 F Jun 25, 2020
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On of the things I love about this plant's flowers is how the anthers float on a sea of red supports. And then you get the yellow stigmas of the flower too, all in neat rows.

This is not a particularly good shot but it captures what I felt in this out-of-world kind of view.

I thought it might work in monochrome so this is my attempt for the Thursday monochrome group. Also for my 100x Monochrome and Tinted challenge.

Alas I was having to much fun and, although I set out with the best of intentions, I forgot about my 20 minute edit challenge until it was too late. Such a weakness of character...

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image! Happy Thursday Monochrome and 100x :)

[Handheld in daylight.
Developed in Capture One for strong colour contrast especially in yellow/red.
Sharpened in Affinity Photo with High Pass/Linear blend.
Cropped to 16:9.
Converted in Silver Efex with lots of tinkering to get a balanced look with a disconnected background.
As ever a colour filter - this was blueish to control the monochrome balance between the red background (what are the anther supports called in botany?) and the yellow pollen/stigma.
Burnt Edges all around especially top and right. Light Sepia toning with slightly different tone for paper (bluer if I remember).]

Tags:   nature no person blur little outdoors monochrome closeup dof flora flower nikon z 6 Nikon AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED 16:9 Abstract Abstract photography abstraction anthers B&W and Sepia Callistemon Donnerstagsmonochrom Monochromatic Monochrome photography natural abstract Sepia stigma Thursday Monochrome tint 100 x: The 2020 Edition 100x:2020 Image 47/100