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N 120 B 4.0K C 95 E Dec 10, 2017 F Dec 11, 2017
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Bearings stuck by magic magnetism.

I inherited this magnet along with the contents of several grandfathers’ workshops. It must be older than I am. I think it's not wearing as well though, except, perhaps first thing in the morning when we’re about equal ;) . I loved the textures and colours of the peeling paint.

I rotated the image to provide a bit more visual interest, an excuse to smile, and to remind us of magnetism’s gravity-defying antics.

A happy accident in some early trial shots showed that this lens can make rather pretty stars if the light is right and the aperture really small so I went back and took some more...

This image is for the week’s Macro Monday group theme Stick. The magnet and bearings together measure just over two inches so we are within the group’s guideline even including the space on the right. Yey!

Thanks for taking time to look. I hope you enjoy the image. Happy Macro Monday! :)

[Tripod mount; delayed shutter, VR off; LED torch lighting very close and to the side; black cloth background. In LR altered colour temperature for a more blue cast to contrast with the red paint; rotated, flipped and cropped to size with a wide format. Vibrance and clarity raised to bring out the paint textures; a bit of playing with the individual colour ranges to add interest. Topaz Detail for most of the sharpening. In Photo a bit of clarity and Unsharp Mask, sharpening the magnet and the bearings but not the stars, using a layer mask.]

Tags:   magnet gravity peeling ball bearings stars stick bearings force #MacroMondays texture colorful stuck rotated balls spheres physics nature magnetism corrosion rust five strange

N 160 B 4.5K C 33 E May 19, 2020 F May 19, 2020
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I thought of publishing one of my in-camera stacking repeated images thingies for the Crazy Tuesday group's Repeating Object theme.

Then I thought I was probably stretching things too far, and was in danger of incurring the admins' ire. I've done that before (and I have to say this group's admins have a very gentle wrath :) ), and it's an experience I don't want to repeat - for their sakes as much as mine.

So this is a repeat of a subject first published a month or so ago, but not a repeated image or even a repeated point of view. Repeated focus perhaps...

I liked the repeating pawns so much I wanted to repeat the experience of sharing them, but I hasten to repeat that I don't normally like repeating things like that.

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image. (I always seem to repeat these words don't I?)
Happy happy Crazy crazy Tuesday Tuesday :)

[Crazy processing...]

Tags:   Chess Strategy Board Games nikon z 6 pawn row rows desktop Abstract Texture Gold Dark round out shining color Closeup focus insubstantial Blur Still Life Shape wood glisten Pattern conceptual decoration Crazy Tuesday Object Repeating Object

N 144 B 5.8K C 35 E May 3, 2020 F May 3, 2020
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Manhole cover.

So I was striding down this local leafy lane on my Permitted Exercise, proving to myself quite successfully that zoomed multiple exposures in burst mode of local leafy lanes don’t work...

And my beady eye espied this curious piece of graphic design in the road. It was full of arrows - surely the most iconic of modern symbols: left, right, up, down, play, exit, this way, result, implication, inference, even - you’re lost really aren’t you?

To be fair I’d spotted this manhole cover many times before but mainly because of its curious behaviour after heavy rains. Then water emerges up and out of the cover and runs down the hill, a feature I think of a land drain blockage further down the hill. It’s been like that for years - presumably nobody has noticed or cared enough to do anything about it. Not that it really matters as the water disappears down the next cover.

High contrast graphic patterns like this are always good to play with I think, so this is for Sliders Sunday.

The effect is created entirely in Nik Color Efex by abusing the sliders in some of the more dramatic effects. The stack I ended up with is:
- Bi-color user Defined, orange bottom right to purple top left. I used this first to create a colour gradient across the image to add interest and variety to the pattern repeat.
- Solarisation. This one caused most of the colour drama. I have to admit that I am getting a little tired of the effects of this filter [Loud cheers are heard offstage...], but it does have a bit of an addictive colour-zap rush about it.
- Monday Morning - produces a dark moody glow, only applied to parts of the image to add to the tonal texture and variation.
- Low Key.
- Pro Contrast.
- Reflector efex.
These last four just toyed with the overall result.

So there we have it.

And, yes. You imagined it not. Your hapless correspondent has indeed sunk to the depths of talking about the local drains. He can descend no further… surely... please...

I’ll post a link to the in-camera original in the first comment so you can... er, well... add to your personal collection of manhole cover pics :)

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image. Happy Sliders Sunday! :)

Tags:   Pattern Texture Abstract Design art Shape Body And Form|urban pavement iron no person artistic Dirty bright colours Nik Color Efex psychedelic Sliders Sunday solarised nikon z 6 50.0 mm f/1.8

N 203 B 7.4K C 34 E Apr 16, 2020 F Apr 16, 2020
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This is a chandelier at Tetbury Church viewed from underneath. I have marked the chandelier with a note in a more general picture of the church here: flic.kr/p/2iPCG5g .

An abstract little number...

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image. Happy Thursday Monochrome :)

[Handheld with neckache in ambient daylight.
Developed from raw in Photolab 3.
Processed in Affinity with lens correction, USM sharpening and colour accentuation (not that there was much :) ).
Converted with Nik Silver Efex to get an interesting tonal contrast, going for a strange contrasty high structure.
Selenium/yellow toning and burnt edges and left and right to emphasise the central square. A little special treatment to the central circle to brighten and add extra contrast...]

Tags:   nikon z 6 NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S abstract art design no person artistic spider shape ornate round geometric pattern Donnerstagsmonochrom Thursday Monochrome Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 toned 100 x: The 2020 Edition 100x:2020 Image 21/100 showerhead engineering layout

N 71 B 2.8K C 31 E Oct 20, 2019 F Oct 21, 2019
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2H obviously.

My father was an engineer. When he died he left me an awful lot of pencils. Or half-pencils to be more exact - most of them had been sharpened to a mere vestige of their original selves. And, empirically, I conclude that engineers prefer 2H pencils…

This is just a subset of my inheritance. There are all sorts of pencils in the box: coloured, white, bridge-score pencils, diary pencils, 2Hs and others. Some with wood casings, others with paper.

Does anyone use pencils today? Or is it all propelling pencils and gel rollerballs? Does anyone write with a writing instrument?

Personally I like a 2B for it's dark marks and arty possibilities (not that I am an artist by any stretch). As a kid I tried to collect all the hardnesses from 9H to 9B (yep, I was that sort of kid). The H stands for hard and the B black. That amuses me as a mis-matched pair of opposites...

OK. I have to admit stationery is one of my (many) weaknesses. I love stationery shops with all the little bits and pieces, myriad pen types, complete pantheons of papers, polyphonies of pins, coteries of clips, and pouches and folders, all eye-catching colours… And if it’s an artist’s shop too? Bliss.... All those tubes and pots, varnishes and glazes. And then the brushes, sable and squirrel… {sigh}.

(Almost as bad as craft shops or beading shops: eye-candy for the imaginative collectable, craftly desire…)

This is a handheld focus merge stack of eleven images. Originally intended as a proof of concept, lack of time meant it ended up being the final thing (the best of three similar stacks).

The strength of the composition I guess is in the diagonals and the right to left flow which arrests the visual movement and adds tension. The interest though is in the detail of the objects. Or so the theory goes - what do you think, I wonder?

It’s not perfect as you can see from the halo around the white pencil. But then it is handheld. Probably over-cooked too in sharpening and colour contrast, but it is just Monday and I was playing about a bit :)

The box is 2.2 inches across...

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image. Happy Macro Mondays!

[Handheld in daylight. Stack of 11 images.
Stacked in Affinity Photo which does an excellent job lining things up (the impossible takes longer :) ).
Brightened in Photo with curves (LAB mode as usual). Sharpened with Clarity and HighPass/Linear Blend.
Into Nik Color Efex Pro 2 for Colour Contrast and Detail extraction.
Back into Photo for Unsharp Mask sharpening and Dark Vignette.
I also rotated a bit more from the original to square the diagonals.
That’s it. Quite enough or too much depending on your view.]

Tags:   dsc-rx100m5 Macro Mondays stationery box focus merge Nik Color Efex pencils stack antique diagonal junk old