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Peter Whitfield / 468 items
Fruzzded leaf on lawn...

... well lawn is a bit of a misnomer. As you can probably see my front lawn is a moss patch really.

This was taken in mid-January during one of the short frosts we had.

It's another experiment really, as part of my 100x monochrome therapy. The leaf is pink and the moss is green so I reckoned you could isolate the leaf in black and white using a colour filter (a pink one). It kind of worked.

Much Tweaking ensued about in Silver Efex trying to get lots of detail and the leaf to stand out. There are two vignettes at work too, dark and light of different sizes to create a frame like impression. Slight selenium tinting.

The image is all about detail and the geometry I guess. Which is not a suprise considering how my brain works (when it does :) ).

Thank you hugely for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image. Happy Thursday Monochrome and 100x :)
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  • Taken: Jan 18, 2020
  • Uploaded: Feb 13, 2020
  • Updated: Feb 20, 2020