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User / Pixelated Sky / Layered Light - Amarillo Rose IV
Peter Whitfield / 459 items

This is one of a bunch of yellow roses bought for my wife by another man. She seemed extraordinarily pleased. [Note to self: I must buy her more flowers. Not only would my romantic score be raised, I might get fed more… and they’re good to photograph!! ;) ]

Roses have wonderful shapes and colours… and multi-folded petals. Quite my favourite flower. [Another note to self: Peter, you always say that about any flower you happen to be looking at. Or tree for that matter. Get a grip.]

The trouble with photographing them is that they are a very cliched subject. It’s difficult to get an original take on them.

And this isn’t. As ever, time is the thief of originality.

Still I like the gradients in tones and colour, and the swirling concentricity, so worth a quick play for Sliders Sunday.

I decided to avoid the Topaz playpen this week. This one is a creation in Corel Painter using paper textures and the screen effect (also using a paper texture), then with textural embossing using a lighting effect.

Painter is perhaps the most sophisticated digital painting application on the market, aimed at real media artists (I’m not one), and photo-painting photographers (aspirational maybe) or pretty colour messing abouters (definitely). It’s a playpen I have yet to fully explore…

I’ll include a link to one of the originals (it’s a focus merge stack of ten images taken using the focus shift shooting mode in the camera, stacked in Affinity Photo).

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image! Happy Sliders Sunday :)

[Indoors with muted side lighting from a window.
Tripod; remote release; 10-frame focus shift shooting.
Processed in Affinity with focus merge from raw files, crop, dark vignette; Unsharp Mask sharpening and a Levels adjustment to rescue a full tonal gradient. A fair bit of Inpainting to remove the spots and blemishes on the petals.
Corel Painter fiddling using the Screen effect (as in screen printing, not the blend mode) using one paper texture, then a second paper texture applied using Apply Texture. At some stage I must have messed with the colours using blend modes too.
Finally an Express Texture lighting filter (white light from top left).]
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  • Taken: Feb 9, 2020
  • Uploaded: Feb 9, 2020
  • Updated: Mar 18, 2020