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Peter Whitfield / 510 items
Autumn Roadside.

I suspect that there is only one member of the Fan Club for ICMs Of Autumnal Verges.

But we are recruiting!

Don’t all rush at once, now. Form an orderly queue there…

Have you noticed how fond the British are of queueing? We’ll queue for anything. We’ll even queue for forming a queue. I think it fulfils some sort of tribal social need without the necessity of touching (which is most certain anathema to us)...

Just a word of warning. If you see a British queue forming you need to be completely aware of one thing. We have absolutely no social mechanism for dispensing forgiveness to queue-jumpers. It’s a one-way street. There is no return to grace.

Of course, that may not bother you, which is fine. Just realise that by queue jumping, apart from stoking our xenophobic ire, you encourage the sneaky suspicion that we are indeed racially superior (in spite of our continual pathetic performance on the international stage at cricket, soccer, rugby, golf and tennis - all of which we invented, along with conkers, tiddlywinks, cheese-rolling and caber tossing - see Wikipedia for each), at least in the areas of morality and good manners.

By now you will be wondering why on earth Peter is yabbering on about British queuing. Well, the only alternative is to yabber about these images. And, frankly, there’s no yabber-scope there. But I do like them - all patterns and dark colour...

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image :)

[Murky daylight. Handheld, pointing down at the leafy verge while walking along.
This is an assembly of four landscape ICMs each overlapped by half a frame and blended using Overlay mode, which has the effect of enhancing contrast and saturation. The end images are duplicated to even out the Overlay effect.
Initially the images were developed in Capture One from very dull captures, increasing the exposure, contrast and colours, and with a modicum of sharpening.
The resulting merge was desaturated to take some of the colour-shock of the Overlay out of play. Uploaded at full size, all 50 MBytes of it, though I suspect Flickr is not amused :) ]
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  • Taken: Oct 23, 2019
  • Uploaded: Nov 27, 2019
  • Updated: Dec 7, 2019