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This flower is part of an arrangement we gave my wife’s mother for her 90th birthday. We subsequently inherited it.

I used to be rather prejudiced against artificial flowers but these days I’m not so sure. The modern quality is really very sophisticated, and in the case of these ones gave a lovely old lady a lot of pleasure without the fear of failing to care for them.

Which kind of prompted the question in my mind as to whether it was right to mimic the beauty of creation. Now that was an interesting exercise!

The problem I quickly realised was that you could say we do it all the time anyway. And ironically photographers can be seen as some of the worst offenders.

It reminded me of a related question: is a picture (image) of art, art? And if it isn’t, is a picture of a flower (or sunset) art or is the art in the flower (or sunset)? And is a picture of a flower not just mimicking the flower? Answers, please, on a postage stamp...

All too much for a Monday night. But delicious fun too! (At least I am totally safe as nobody ever reads this, lol. ;) ).

For the Macro Mondays group theme Fake today. The image is about 1.5 inches across I guess.

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image! Happy Macro Mondays :)

[Handheld in soft directional daylight.
Developed in Photolab 2. My object was to create a smooth dreamy look which hid the artificialness of the flower but still left a reasonable clue to its artificiality. I also wanted to process in a way that perhaps I would for a real rose .
Reduced micro-contrast to smooth things. Balanced the exposure, hue and vibrancy to give a rosey look with pleasant tone and colour contrasts.
Processed in Affinity Photo. Flipped horizontally to create a flow out of the picture so the eye didn’t dwell too much.
In Nik Color Efex 2 added Classic Soft Focus and Glamour Glow to taste.
Back in Photo retouched some stray threads, and then (counter-intuitively after all the softening and glowing) sharpened with Clarity, Unsharp Mask (masked selectively) and High Pass/ Linear blend mode.
Very soft dark vignette, and we’re done.]
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  • Taken: Oct 28, 2019
  • Uploaded: Oct 28, 2019
  • Updated: Jan 2, 2020