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User / Pixelated Sky / Pink Petal Packed Petal Pack (Petal Pack I)
Peter Whitfield / 555 items
Just a rose…

Unfortunately this isn’t one of my plants. I spotted it in beautiful bloom, leaning over the wall of a fellow villager. No, the rose, not me [sigh].

This is a straight colour image, but it forms the first in a set that I prepared for Sliders Sunday yesterday. Sadly I wasn’t able to publish the set then so that will have to wait until next Sunday. There are nine in the Petal Pack set currently which is rather a lot to publish at one go, in any case, so I’m putting up two today: this one and a monochrome, both unmangled.

I recently joined a self-help group for photographers that are addicted to whacking up the saturation and vibrance sliders. Ultimately the visual adrenalin zap does more harm than good so we need help. The group’s therapy task this week was to produce a set of sliders-zapped photographs with little or no colour, so that is what I did (I only slipped up once which you will eventually see).

There are eight of us in the group, and the whole environment is very supportive. The astute of you will readily guess that the other seven are imagined voices of mine, but at least I have more company now… ;)

I barely touched the saturation and vibrancy sliders or their proxies for this one. Promise :)

Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image!

[Handheld in daylight.
Straightforward processing in Capture One with a bit of sharpening (Unsharp Mask/ High Pass & Linear blend) in Affinity Photo.]
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  • Taken: Jun 22, 2019
  • Uploaded: Jun 24, 2019
  • Updated: Dec 15, 2019