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Peter Whitfield / 548 items
Marbles on LED lightbox.

This is the second from the trial set I took a few weeks ago of marbles on a lightbox for the Macro Mondays theme of Game Piece which never went anywhere. The original image wasn’t terribly good but I like the composition so a rescue effort was needed.

The marbles are veritably ancient, battered ones dating from my boyhood. Happy days!

Aren’t the colours pretty? The image is really a bit of self-indulgence: I processed it in a way that concentrates on abstract form of the colours in a high key rendering, largely ignoring the extra noise this produced.

For 7DWF Macro/Close-up theme.

Thank you so much for taking time to look. I hope you enjoy the image!

[Handheld. Cheap and cheerful LED lightbox for illumination. LR: a bit of contrast and clarity and a bit more Vibrance. A tickle of saturation.
In Photo - Levels: dropped the white threshold to white-out the greys and increased the black level to give more definition in the colour bits; Shadow/highlights: bumped highlights; Clarity boost; Unsharp Mask to sharpen and Denoise to take out the worst artefacts; dark vignette to draw attention to the centre.]
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  • Taken: Nov 25, 2017
  • Uploaded: Dec 20, 2017
  • Updated: Oct 17, 2018